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“Art, fashion and design is an ongoing conversation between creators and clients. That’s why I’m so excited to work with TileBar, because they understand that with an eye towards what inspires." - Elizabeth Sutton


Angela Harris' Dunmore and Inspira collections will create an globe-setting ambiance no matter the project they're used in. From a mural piece to field tiles that have a lived-in feel, the options are endless.

Made from a mix of patterned encaustic-look porcelain tiles and a series of framed/flat ceramic subway tiles, the Maddox Collection by Stacy Garcia is equal parts contemporary and timeless. Its versatility allows anyone to mix-and-match tile combinations to create an overall unique space.

The Elizabeth Sutton Arc Collection showcases just what contrasting the right colors can do — captivate. Made up of 5 unique colorways; Soul, Passion, Night, Rainbow, and Viva. Each colorway can be made into over 100 layouts. All are made from luxurious materials and can be used on walls or floors.

Welcome a touch of glitz and glamour into your design with Vanessa DeLeon’s collection. Her VZAG and Art Deco collections are upscale, waterjet beauties that create the atmosphere of upper echelon living with a metropolitan-dwelling feel.


Elegant and alluring, inspire your senses and enhance your ambiance with the dazzling Eva selection from our brand new Cassie Chapman Collection.

The Michael Habachy Barcode collection melds together the beauty of natural stone with the 3-Dimensional lines. The result is a look that is both uniquely you and intrinsically captivating.

Inspired by the wild and whimsical pop-culture shapes of the 1980's, Eighty by Krista Watterworth is an homage to the legendary decade that propelled interior design and fashion into uncharted territories.

Elegant and alluring, inspire your senses and enhance your ambiance with this dazzling selection from our brand new Kelli Ellis Collection.

Designed from the highest quality material, this unique collection by Kerrie Kelly exudes class and an enduring beauty that will captivate the eye and enchant the senses.

Powerful ideas with textures transposed from textiles, either reworked or accurately reproduced in this amazing collection from Diesel Living.

Soft and enveloping shapes, the finest raw materials, timeless color combinations, and the key decorative elements of the maison, such as the Medusa and the Greek fret pattern, characterize the Versace Collection.

Echoing the attributes of Tonya Comer's beloved Downtown Philadelphia, the Boulevard Collection has depth, character, geometry and a mix of materials.

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