Loved for its beautiful veining and coloration, Carrara marble offers a stylish luxury look in any application. This relatively softer stone can be carved, sculpted, and cut easily, making it one of the most versatile stones in the market. Be sure to shop all of our products containing Carrara marble as well as our large selection of diverse marble types.


Why You'll Love It

  • Authentic high-quality Carrara marble
  • Elegant white base with gray veining
  • Made for residential or commercial wall and floor
  • Great for backsplash, bathroom, shower, outdoor
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  • Sizes: 1x1", 1x4", 1x3", 2" Hex, 3x6", 4x12", 4x8", 6x18", 10" Hex, 12x12", 12x24", 16x32", Mosaic
  • Sizes: 1x1", 1x3", 1x4", 2", 2x4", 3x6", 4x12", 6x18", 8x4", 10", 12x12", 12x24", 16x32"
  • Colorways: White with Gray
  • Material: Marble
  • Stone Type: Carrara
  • Finish: Polished, Honed
  • Thickness: 9 -18 mm
  • Residential Use: Wall | Floor
  • Commercial Use: Wall | Floor
  • Made In: Italy
  • Rectified: No
  • Style: Beveled, Authentic Marble Look
  • Application: Backsplash, Indoor Wall & Floor, Shower Wall & Floor, Commercial Floor, Outdoor Wall & Floor
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