Our full selection of Cobblestone tile options. They have obvious texture and interesting, random color distributions that create a more natural, outdoorsy feel and they combine beautifully with glass tile.
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  • Chip Size: Random
  • Size: 12” x 12”
  • Colorways: Brown, Black, Beige
  • Material: Cobblestone Pebble
  • Finish: Polished
  • Thickness: 11 mm
  • Residential: Floor | Wall
  • Commercial: Wall Only
  • Style: Cobblestone
  • Application: Backsplash, Interior Floor & Wall, Shower Wall & Floor
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Tile is Art

Cobblestone mosaics are not the same as your average tile. You can integrate them with glass mosaic tiles or slate to create a surprisingly modern aesthetic, or integrate them with other materials like wood to bring the outdoors inside. With cobblestone, your options are only limited by your creativity.The real marble rocks are halved and then hand-set on a mesh backing that makes installing them easy. You can even separate them by cutting the mesh to increase your customization options. They create a durable tile surface that is water-tight to protect your home, just like glass tile would, even inside a shower or around a pool. They come in a range of colors, from simple black to flat beige to a mix of colors, and even 3D tiles.


Class & Sophistication

Polished cobblestones deliver those same colors and design options with a more worn look that adds a bit of class and sophistication. These durable tiles are more versatile that they may initially seem. For example, the obsidian tiles are perfect in a more modern home, because their dark color matches with appliances and other simple materials. And when you use them as accent tiles, your options increase even more.All these choices make our samples, which are larger than average, inexpensive, and available with free shipping, even more useful. You can test different cobblestones, along with other stone and glass tiles to see which is the best fit for your project. If you need help choosing tile samples or completing an order at this point or any other, feel free to call us so our tile experts can help you.

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