A little texture can go a long way. The Easton Collection are handmade clay brick & ceramic subway tiles that comes in colorways and distinct textured formats. Easton Summit has textured, vertical lines. Easton Ridge has textured, horizontal lines and Easton Mesa has a textured brick look and feel.

Why You'll Love It

  • Hand painted & hand pressed clay
  • Textured surface adds dimension & feel
  • Made for residential and commercial wall
  • Great for backsplash, bathroom and shower
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  • Sizes: 2x8", 2x9"
  • Item Color: Dark Blue, Dark Gold, Light Gray, White, Silver, Light Blue
  • Material: Clay Brick
  • Finish: Polished, Textured
  • Thickness: 14 mm, 11 mm, 15 mm
  • Commercial Use: Wall Only
  • Residential Use: Wall Only
  • Look: Handmade Look
  • Tile Use: Backsplash, Wall Tile, Kitchen Wall, Bathroom Wall, Shower Wall
I love this authentic, handmade collection because it has so many options. Clarie C.- Designer
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Easton Mesa: Handmade, Clay Brick, Textured Subway Tile

Easton Mesa is a hand-painted and hand-pressed new series of clay tile that mimics the look and feel of hand-crafted brick. It is sure be the star of your next backsplash or accent wall project. Each piece of Easton Mesa contains it's own pressed textural pattern and unique color variation, meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same.


Easton Ridge: Horizontal Lined, Textured Subway Tile

Always at the forefront of cutting edge tile design, we present to you the Easton Ridge, an innovative new textured, horizontal lined ceramic subway series offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes. It pushes the boundaries of architecture and interior design.


Easton Summit: Vertical Lined, Textured Subway Tile

Let your inner designer run wild by mixing and matching various colorways with the Easton Ridge series which has vertical lines with a textured look and feel. For a truly one-of-a-kind custom tiling experience, try the Easton Collection, available in 8 colorways and 3 distinct textured formats.