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Power of Patterns: LVT Flooring Design Ideas

LVT flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tile) changed the game of design in more ways than one. By combining high durability, affordable cost, and design flexibility, LVT is an ideal flooring product for both commercial and residential environments. LVT provides realistic renderings of natural materials such as…


Designing with White Subway Tile

After a century of covering NYC subway stations, white subway tile, this clean, durable, and affordable tile has become a Pinterest-worthy design staple for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers everywhere. The magic of this classic design lies in its simplicity. With elegantly rectangular proportions, crisp white…


Drill-It-Yourself: Drilling Into Tile With Ease

Planning on a DIY tiling project? Drilling clean holes through your tile is essential for a beautiful and professionally looking result. Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom wall or tiling an entire room – almost every tiling project requires drilling through the tiles to complete an…


How to Tile a Shower

Many of us have found ourselves living with a bathroom that feels worn and dated. We’ve tried a different paint color on the walls or cabinets, lights above the vanity, or even new plumbing fixtures, but nothing can distract from bad tile. Whether it is…


How To Buy Tiles Online

Why Buy Tiles Online? Online shopping has become second nature to most of us in recent years, especially with 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic meaning that most of us are more comfortable shopping online than in person for our products. For some of us, it…


How To Choose Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics are a category of tile that are one of the most versatile; coming in various shapes, sizes, and colors, you can instantly transform a space with their presence. Today we uncover the right mosaic options for main living spaces.


How To Cut Glass Tiles

If you’re not sure how to cut glass tile or where to start, our quick guide on cutting glass tile will ease your worries and save you some stress in the process. We’ve outlined two methods of cutting glass mosaic tile below; one manual and one using a machine.