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Welcome to The Tileist, TileBar’s blog, a center for learning, and inspiring on everything interior design related.

It’s a place where you can get ideas churning for your own home designs, be inspired by other’s designs, and discuss with a like-minded community helpful tips/tricks. 

To make this space a positive one, we have a few guidelines to follow: 

Don’t Harass. 

Differing opinions and viewpoints are part of what makes everyone unique. Don’t jump on someone’s case for thinking differently than you. Open dialogue is welcomed, if it is nice. We want harmony, not conflict. 

Keep It Relevant. 

Stick to the topic at hand. If you don’t, your comment will be deleted.  

Don’t Troll. 

We’re real people monitoring the threads, don’t make things harder on us. Trolling isn’t cool. Don’t do it or you’ll be banned. 

Don’t Bully. 

No one likes a bully. Don’t be one, or you’ll be banned. 

Don’t Spam. 

Meaningful comments only.

We don’t spam you with content, please don’t spam our threads. 

Any spam will be deleted. 

Don’t Post Inappropriate Content. 

Let’s keep it PG, please. 

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