It’s spring and that means it’s time for a facelift–for your kitchen backsplash!

Upgrading backsplashes is popular in kitchen remodels – over half include this step. With endless possibilities, deciding on a backsplash can feel overwhelming. This article breaks down how to pick the perfect tile to match your kitchen’s style. We’ll explore major backsplash options from materials to placement to DIY vs pro installation. You’ll learn what you need to know when deciding on a backsplash tile.

Evaluating Your Kitchen’s Style and Needs

Start by looking at your kitchen’s overall aesthetics and how the space is used. Take note of the cabinetry, counters, appliances, and your workflow patterns. This will help you choose a backsplash design that fits in seamlessly and is cohesive with the rest of your kitchen.

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Material Choices and Their Impact

Material Choices and Their Impact - Backsplash Tile

A backsplash tiles material can dramatically transform the design and functionality of your kitchen. Below are some top options among homeowners:

Ceramic or Porcelain

The #1 backsplash choice, selected by 56% of homeowners. Available in endless colors and textures from matte to polished. 

Durable porcelain withstands heavy use. Both porcelain and ceramic require grout sealing.

Glass Tile
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Gorgeous and luminous, like jewels for your kitchen. Creative color and shape combos create eye-catching focal points. Glass tile needs vigilant cleaning to stay sparkling.

Natural Stone

For upscale elegance, materials like marble and granite exude luxury. Rich earth tones and unique veining patterns come at a premium price point. But any kitchen instantly looks more high-end with real stone backsplashes.


Bring an urban edge to your kitchen with the gorgeous gleam of metals like copper, brass, or stainless steel. Use to highlight focal areas or cover full walls, depending on the visual weight desired and budget. Combine with textures like stone or glass for extra flair.

Color and Pattern Choices

Carefully choose colors and patterns that enhance your existing decor. Check out our patterned 5 sample tiles for $5 promotion!, the most popular kitchen backsplash patterns in the US.

Complementing Existing Elements

Choosing a backsplash that coordinates with your cabinetry, counters, and floors is key for a pulled-together aesthetic. Bring in one or two colors already in play. Vibrant hues make exciting statements.

Timeless Pattern Options

For enduring charm, classic patterns like subway brick and diagonal herringbone arrangements remain popular.

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Contemporary Statements

For modern appeal, consider Moroccan fish-scale shapes, abstract painterly prints, or geometric forms. Used artfully, creative designs make captivating accent walls.

Scale and Placement

Overdoing busy patterns can feel chaotic. Scale matters too – bold supersized prints make drama, while petite mosaics have artistic punch.

Achieving Harmony

Aim to harmonize your backsplash colors and motifs with the overall kitchen scheme. This focal area sets the tone for the whole space. Take time exploring options until you discover that perfect finishing touch.

Size and Shape Dynamics

Scaling Up

When incorporating multiple backsplash tiles sizes, plan layouts that allow each size to shine before getting lost against busier patterns. Cluster small mosaics together rather than dispersing singly across larger tiles for clearer visual impact. Use larger tiles to frame or anchor focal walls, reserving medium scales to transition spaces. Thoughtful placement creates hierarchy, directing the eye where you want it to go.

Shapes That Impress

Beyond static squares and rectangles, kaleidoscopic designs utilize triangles, circles, diamonds, and more for artistic backsplashes. 

Interlocking irregular pieces like hexagons build cohesive geometric dimensions. 

Flowing curved shapes in glossy marble-look porcelain emulate natural stone. hammered metals and hand-painted tiles add artisanal flair. Let your personal style and kitchen functionality guide shape choices.

Cohesive Layouts

Sketch desired layouts to map how varied tiles and patterns will intersect before installation. Frame bold patterns with complementary colors and smaller-scaled tiles to pull spaces together. Transition spaces with medium neutrals. Ensure focal walls stand out without competing against busier secondary accents. A thoughtful layout promotes visual harmony while allowing each design element its moment.

Grout Selection

For tile patterns to truly pop, select a contrasting grout several shades lighter or darker. Soft white grout against dark tile and vice-versa. Matching grout for a subtle, unified look. Consider large-scale solid tiles with minimal grout.

For heavy-use kitchens, choose an epoxy grout. More expensive but extremely durable and stain-resistant. Use a matching color for a near-seamless appearance. Re-seal cement grouts yearly.


Set realistic budgets before design and material selection. Prioritize functional spaces over less visible focal walls when necessary. Consider mixing high-end tile on visible areas with affordable options behind appliances to save. Factor added costs of professional installation and seamless custom cutting. Cabinets/countertops may need refinishing if not replacing. Proper planning stretches budgets further. On average, professional ceramic tile backsplash installation runs $600-$1,200, up to $3,000 for high-end designs. 

Save over 50% by doing it yourself, but ensure you have the right DIY skills first. Set an achievable budget and browse quality discount materials for the perfect bargain backsplash. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 5 tile samples for $5 promo!

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Caring for Your Backsplash

Choosing durable porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone tiles is the first step toward long-lasting beauty. 

These resistant materials withstand moisture, stains, and heavy usage when properly sealed and maintained. For routine cleaning, use a soft sponge and mild soap and water. 

Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage tiles or grout. Wipe spills quickly before they set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a backsplash that complements existing décor?

Select backsplash colors, textures, and materials that coordinate well with your cabinets, counters, and appliances. Repeat an existing kitchen material or use a complementary color. This creates a cohesive, polished look.

Can I install them over the existing backsplash tiles?

Sometimes, the original tiles must be thoroughly cleaned, smoothed, and primed to allow proper bonding. Irregular tiles or grout lines could show through. Removing old tiles completely is best for ideal results.

What are the latest backsplash trends this year?

Popular 2024 trends include bold colors and patterns, eco-conscious materials like recycled glass and cork, artisan tiles, Green & Blue Tones, mixed media combinations, Brick & 3D Effects tiles with depth and texture, geometric patterns, and unique statement layouts. Ultimately, the best backsplash matches your personal taste and kitchen style. But these directions capture some of the latest, most popular backsplash ideas being implemented this year.


Finding the ideal backsplash tile starts with defining what you want to achieve and evaluating the possibilities shown here. There are exciting options to discover! Take advantage of our special 5 tiles samples for $5 promo to easily visualize different designs.

Use the guidance in this article to make informed backsplash decisions that suit your beloved kitchen. Bring your vision to life with eye-catching tiles built to last with proper care. Above all, have fun with the process of elevating your backsplash style! With the right preparation and our tile sampler deal, you’ll select the perfect tiles to realize your goals.