About The Tile

Semi-circle patterns overlap in playful harmony on the Maddox Deco Floor Tile. Create floral blooms on the floor of your space by laying the tiles in a tulip shape or create a modern interior landscape by laying the tiles in a series of full circles.

Mix and Match To Perfection

Play with color and pattern with the Maddox field tiles and deco floor tiles. You can mix both options to your liking to uncover a sense of dimension and personality in your space.

Shop kaleidoscope tile collection
Shop kaleidoscope tile collection

About Maddox

Almost as though it was an extension of the rainbow with its striking color palette, the Maddox Collection by Stacy Garcia is versatile collection that allows anyone to mix-and-match tile combinations to create and overall unique space. It is made from two unique styles; one is a ceramic subway tile in a framed or flat version, and a encaustic-look porcelain tile with a semi-circle pattern.

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