Terrazzo Hex Azulio Blue 9" Terrazzo Look Matte Porcelain Tile

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Starting a new project?
Get 5 samples for $5. Ships Free in 2-4 Days!
Starting a new project?
Get 5 samples for $5. Ships Free in 2-4 Days!
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What We Love

  • Made in Spain
  • Modern Ambience of Terrazzo with a Contemporary Shape
  • Made for Residential and Commercial Wall | Floor Use
  • Great for Kitchen, Backsplash, Bathroom, Shower, Outdoor

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Terrazzo Hexagon Blue Azulio 9" Matte Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile

About The Collection:Terrazzo Hex is a one-of-a-kind new collection that combines the modern ambience of Terrazzo with the contemporary shape of a 9-inch hexagon porcelain tile. This collection comes in 7 vibrant colorways making it stylish enough for decorative wall use, but durable enough for floor tile use. Each piece within this collection has its own unique stone composition. Whether you are seeking a monochromatic style or a modern color statement, Terrazzo Hex has something for every design taste.

Key Features
  • Made in Spain
  • 9.13" x 10.51" Blue Porcelain ​Tile
  • Matte Finish with a Terrazzo Look
  • 9mm Hexagon Tile
  • Made for commercial and residential floor or wall tile
  • Perfect for Backsplash, Kitchen, Bathroom, Indoor, Outdoor, Pool

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  • Size

    9.13" x 10.51"

  • Color

    Blue + White

  • Sample Size

    9.1" x 10.4"

  • Material


  • Finish


  • Thickness

    9 mm

  • Residential

    Wall | Floor

  • Commercial

    Wall | Floor

  • Made In


  • Shade Variation


  • Water Absorption


  • MOHS


  • PEI Rating


  • Frost Resistant


  • Chemical Resistant


  • Breaking Strength

    >1300 N/mm2

  • Coverage


  • Pieces Per Box


  • Sq Ft Per Box


  • Weight


  • Look

    Terrazzo Look

  • Location

    Backsplash, Bathroom, Indoor, Kitchen, Outdoor, Pool, Shower

  • Style

    Craftsman, Mid Century, Mediterranean, Modern

  • Tile Use

    Backsplash, Floor Tile, Kitchen Floor, Kitchen Wall, Wall Tile, Bathroom Floor, Bathroom Wall, Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Outdoor Floor, Outdoor Wall, Commercial Floor, Pool Tile

  • Tile Faces


TileBar – Installation Terrazzo 15” or Greater

    • General Notes (legal liability)
        • All installations should refer to the most current TCNA manual. Tile Council of North America 864.464.8453 Home - The Tile Council of North America (tcnatile.com)
        • All TileBar installation instructions are suggestions. Specific installation questions should be brought to a local tile professional.  See:  Find Certified Tile Installers| CTEF (ceramictilefoundation.org)
        • Follow directions on all materials, especially mixing quantities.
        • Inspect all materials before using to make sure there are no defects. Installation is acceptance, material claims will not be entertained after install.
        • Blending different boxes of tile is recommended before and during installation.
        • Safety – PPE (Gloves, Glasses)
        • As products of nature, dimension stone will have inherent variation in color, shade, and character, included markings and veining, throughout any given lot of material.
          • Water Sensitivity – Green colored marble and serpentines can wrap or curl.
          • Filled voids can polish differently from the actual stone it fills.
          • Different stones have different abrasion resistance.
          • Acid Sensitivity
          • Efflorescence
          • Water spots
          • Iron Staining

            Substrate preparation

            An installation is only as good as the structure it is installed.  Today’s adhesives and mortars will warranty on most substrates, (Gypsum wall board, Cement Board, Cement Masonry Unit and Plywood).  Different substrates require different preparation by that installation contractor.  Make sure the substrates are structurally sound and free from any sealers or contaminants for both vertical and horizontal installations.  The load deflection standard is L/720 for Stone.

            TileBar Tech Tips:

            • Try the drip test – drip water on your substrate and if it absorbs then you can ensure that your mortar adhesive has both a mechanical and chemical bond. If the water beads up, then there is a bond breaker on your substrate.  This could be a wax or sealer.
            • Use a straight edge and level - Flatness ANSI A108.02 (1/4” of change in 10’, 1/8” for stone) with no bump greater than 1/16”
            • Always check your adhesives instructions noting the suitable substrates and limitations.

            Lay Out

            Take all measurements of the space or room and develop a layout plan.  Locate all cuts and adjust layout as necessary.  Confirm the final layout.   Use proper equipment to cut your tiles (wet saw, drill bits, snap cutter or grinder).  Make sure to follow all safety precautions and protection noted by the equipment used.  Blend tile materials to ensure consistency throughout the project area. With larger tiles, waste factor is high, and more material may be needed. NOW you are ready to tile!


            Adhesives and Mortar

            Make sure that the stone is not affected by moisture in the mortar.  Tile sizes with any edge 15” or Greater is considered a Large Format Tile.  This material requires an adhesive that supports this larger size.  Use the proper directional troweling technics and the proper trowel size.  To achieve the appropriate coverage, we suggest a ½” x ½” notched trowel for tiles with an edge longer than 15”.

            Install Overview:

            • Mix the mortar per the instructions. (For light grout colors use white thinset)
            • With a damp sponge clean off the substrate and the back of the stone.
            • With the flat side of the trowel “burn” the mortar into the substrate.
            • Trowel material on the floor or wall with the appropriately sized trowel in a consistent direction leaving a ridged setting bed.
            • Lay tile in the mortar and flatten the mortar ridges by pushing the tile perpendicular to the trowel direction.
            • Install spacers or leveling system as needed.
            • Make sure grout joints are clear of extra mortar materials.
            • Let system cure fully until grouting begins, usually 24 hours.
            • TileBar Tech Tips:

              • Do not work too far ahead. Make sure that the mortar stays fresh and has not skimmed over.
              • Back buttering material may be necessary.
              • Minimum mortar coverages should be evenly distributed and cover 80% of tiles in a dry area and 95% in wet areas. Once you set tiles pull up a couple to ensure proper coverage
              • Directional troweling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Way5bMh-eYg&t=31s


              Grout can make or break a new tile project.  A great grout job can aesthetically enhance the project.  First choose the appropriate grout joint size, remember smaller is not always better.  The grout joint size depends on how consistent the edge of your tile.  The average grout joint is 3/16”.  The squarer the tile the tighter and smaller the grout joint can be.  Most stone tiles is precisely cut and can be set with a tighter grout joint.  Stone is naturally porous you may want to consider a grout release.  This should make your grout clean up a lot easier.

              Install Overview:

              • Install a grout release per the instructions.
              • Mix the grout per the instructions.
              • Remove spacers or leveling system as needed
              • Using a grout float at 45 degree angle to press in and fill all the grout joints.
              • Cut the grout off the top of the tile using the grout float dragging it at 90 degrees angle diagonally across the tile as a squeegee.
              • Now that the joints are full dress them with a sponge or scrub pad.
              • After a 15-20 minutes clean again with clean water and sponge and let cure.
              • After the grout has dried, there will be a grout haze and it can be buffed with dry cloth
              • Limit use until fully cured, usually 24 hours.
              • TileBar Tech Tip:

                • Use clean water, A LOT!
                • Don’t get too far ahead. Clean in a timely manner what was just grouted.
                • Clean sponge often, typically 1 swipe, flip the sponge over and 1 swipe, then rinse the sponge clean.
                • Make sure the joints do not have dust or debris in them. Also, any thinset that has squeezed up needs to be removed.
                • All installation has to have movement joints. Use a color matched acrylic or silicone sealant to provide movement protection.  Movement joints are for all transitions, base, inside and outside corners.
                • Keep the project area clean. Even the lightest dust could permanently stain any uncured grout joints.
                • Use the right grout for your specific installation:
                  • Standard polymer modified grout
                  • High performance cement grout
                  • Premixed grout
                  • Epoxy Grout


        Cleaning and Sealing

        Cement Terrazzo is naturally porous and a sealer should be used to keep your installation protected.  Depending on the traffic in the area will depend on how often you need to reapply.  Find a matching cleaner that will not remove the sealer.  There are more harsh cleaners available in case of an accident and must used carefully by following all instructions.  Always do a test area in a non-visible place. 

        TileBar Tech Tip:

      • Follow all instruction closely.
      • The more the area is used the more often it will have to be cleaned and sealed.
      • If an acidic cleaner is chosen, make sure you protect adjacent materials.


          • Waterproofing
          • Patch
          • Heat
          • Profiles

Terrazzo Hex Azulio Blue 9" Terrazzo Look Matte Porcelain Tile

Terrazzo Hex Azulio Blue 9" Terrazzo Look Matte Porcelain Tile
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