VersaLay™ technology

Our proprietary backing system allows for three installation options: glue-down, loose-lay, or perimeter adhesive. Much like a Formula 1 tire, its material grants more surface-to-surface contact for the ultimate grip.


Acoustic IXPE foam backing

Our dense foam backing has a bit of give to it. This allows it to hide subfloor irregularities and dampen noise from floor-to-floor exceptionally well. It’s tested and warrantied in areas with up to 95 percent relative humidity.


Thicker core, easier transitions

We double the layers of our commercial core for superior dimensional and dynamic stability, so it’s perfect for heavy foot traffic and seamless plank-to-carpet transitions, with or without dividers.


Tested durability and sustainability

The joints have been third-party tested: A castor chair was rolled over it 25,000 times, and its surface was exposed to a constant 176°F temperature for two weeks—with no curling or warping. It’s 100 percent waterproof, its production is certified for air quality, and all waste is recycled.

  • Inspired By Terrazzo

    We’ve combined the latest trends in color and shape with the timeless elegance and modern appeal of Terrazzo to bring you collections that are sure to find a home in your latest project.

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  • History & Art of Terrazzo

    Terrazzo is everywhere. The popular decorative surface has broken free from its institutional reputation to realize its place in contemporary design and become the go-to surface for architects and designers around the globe. From authentic poured terrazzo to its use as an inspiration for modern pattern, this timeless, customizable, and instantly recognizable surface has become synonymous with ultimate style, able to blend into any part of the design spectrum. Let’s explore its origins, how it is made, and how you can incorporate this icon of design into your own space.

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  • Each layer engineered with purpose(s)

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    Sustainable flooring

    Phthalate-free, FloorScore® IAQ certified, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standard — all trims are 100% recycled, too.

    40% tougher than most

    TileBar’s LVT is designed to outperform the industry standard in construction, installation and durability.