For us, we believe in the power of togetherness. The togetherness of community, friends, and family. It’s now more than ever we need to #tilebartogether. To support this, we have been giving back to the people who are on the frontlines of that mission; the doctors and nurses fighting the pandemic. See all our donations to the heroes on the frontlines below.

Northwell Health enjoying meals donated by tilebar from Lollibop Cafe with signs saying flatten the curve

Our first donation went to a team under Northwell Health. We sent them meals from a local restaurant, Lollibop Cafe, to say thanks for their hard work.

The team at 6th Tower at North Shore Hospital posing for a thank you photo

Next up, we gave lunches to the team at the 6th Tower at North Shore Hospital. Donations are just one way we are able to show our gratitude for the amazing doctors and nurses working daily to help fight the current situation we’re in. ⁠

 Columbia Presbyterian Hospital enjoying food donated by tilebar

Our final donation of lunch to the frontlines was delivered with extra gratitude to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The Chief Information Officer here at Tilebar, Glen Holman, battled with Covid-19 and is now recovered, and back to work. We can’t say thank you enough to all the workers in the field that help everyone like Glen find their heath again.