When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, you want something that will stand against common wear and tear as well as spills. One of the best tile materials to use for this is glass. With its reflective surface and easy-to-clean body, glass tiles are a perfect match for the kitchen backsplash. Today, we explore several backsplash glass tile options that will work well for your space. 

Glass Subway Tiles

Subway tile backsplash is a classic for a reason; it’s effortless, it’s timeless, and it blends in well with almost any design.

Mix these characteristics with the iridescent body of glass and you have a piece that will stand the test of time (and culinary-related accidents).

What’s more, glass subway tile backsplash, like our Loft Subway Collection, is guaranteed to add an eloquent touch to your design.

Glass Hexagon Tiles

Komorebi Juneau Spring Glass Tile used in the kitchen above the work top counter and as a sink backsplash
Design By: The Design Project

One of the perks of kitchen glass backsplash tile is that it’s far from dull.

This natural substance can be melded into myriad shapes to create a stand-out design.

Take for instance the ever-covetable hexagon tile. Made from a blend of colored glass, and molded into a picketed, elongated hexagon shape, this tile creates dimension and style in a pain-free way.

Glass Triangular Tile

Aside from hexagons, there’s also the time-honored shape of triangles.

Inherently fun to look at and playful to lay, triangular shape glass tile works well for a kitchen backsplash.

Its body gives off a high shine, and its shape provides a welcoming movement to any wall.

Glass Penny Round Tile 

Nirvana Bliss Rimmed 1" Circles Ceramic Tile covering a kitchen wall.
Shop Featured Tile: Nirvana Bliss Penny Round

Last, but not least, are the fashionable penny round glass tiles.

These 3D glass mosaic backsplash tiles make a splash with their exuberant and lively, circular shape.

They’re sure to create an enduring look for years to come.

Loved these glass backsplash tile ideas? Want to sample some yourself? Head over to our website and view all the backsplash collections we have available for you today.