A Thorough Explanation of HOUZZ and How It Works. And everything else you need to know for life.

What is Houzz? 

Houzz is the first place you want to go when you are designing anything, from kitchens to offices to pools.

You can search millions of gorgeous pictures of completed projects, individual pieces and unique designs.

Additionally, Houzz is an online marketplace where Interior Design vendors and consumers can connect for inspiration, advice and purchases. 


How Do I use Houzz? 

First create an account.

Then go to town by browsing through millions of high-resolution pictures of everything and anything in home décor, from paint to lighting to tiles.

Repeat this step however many times you would like and whenever you feel the need to do so.  

Add these pictures to your Ideabooks for future inspiration

Add your own pictures of your creations to your Projects. 



Today's Ideabooks






What is the difference between Ideabooks and Projects? 

They are both places to save pictures but the difference is as follows:

An Ideabook is a place to collect and save pictures that have inspired you from other Houzz users and professionals. This way you can save and share your inspiration and ideas in one place.

A Project  is a place to post photos  of your own designs  and works in progress so that you can view your designs and share it with others for input and advice. 

So let’s say you are ready to renovate your kitchen.  You would refer back to your Idea books for the all the pictures you found of what you want it to look like, Then then you would post to your Projects pictures of what the the renovation actually looks like, from the before stage of construction to the after stage  and everywhere in between.  Feeling stuck, or have no clue where to start? That’s what Houzz is there for. 


Another aspect of Houzz is connecting with other like-minded individuals and professionals. Browse through different vendors and if you see a design that you like you can contact the architect who designed it directly. This way you can work with people who share your vision.

You can even take polls from other users with questions ranging from   “where do you hide your laundry baskets” to a simple yes or no question about using LED lights.






Here is the great thing about shopping on Houzz.  Let’s say you have something in your Idea book such as a particular tile that you saw and want to use in the future. The day comes when you are ready to renovate your kitchen and you know just what tile to use because you saved it in your Ideabook. You can go to your idea book and purchase it straight from Houzz. No more searching online for that picture and finding out who sells it. It’s instant and there when you need it.

Or let’s say you are having designer's block and can’t figure out what to do that little alcove in your family room. You can use Houzz to search and browse ideas what other people have done with their alcoves. Get quick ideas and answers from people who have experience dealing with your particular situation.  

Basically Houzz is a one stop shop for your home décor ideas, advice and products.  So, no more jumping around from your neighbors&r'squo; old architect who only works one day a week. It’s good for consumers and it’s good for professionals. Everybody wins.