Meet the Team

Meet the Team

It takes a lot of talented, hardworking, and creative people to bring TileBar to life; they’re a hallmark of our brand. Dedicated team members are paramount to our success, and they take pride in their work—from in-house sourcing and design to sales, fulfillment, and customer service. We work together with one mission: to give you a better tile experience.

Tile Experts: Our Sales Team

All sales team members dedicated to our trade clients have an extensive knowledge of the industry as well as our wide selection of products. They understand project management and the importance of quick, uncomplicated deliveries. They’re known for offering practical design solutions, no matter the scope of your project or size of your budget. Every one of our commercial sales reps is committed to an exceptional client experience.

Sales Leadership Team

TileBar’s Matt Waas

Matt Waas

TileBar’s Steve Gerwitz

Steve Gewirtz

TileBar’s Heather Ferrier

Heather Ferrier

TileBar’s Steven Wallace

Steven Wallace

TileBar’s Brandon Kirkland

Brandon Kirkland

TileBar’s Nancy Burns

Nancy Burns

Commercial Sales Representatives - East Region

TileBar’s Erin Salin

Erin Salin

TileBar’s Liz Allen

Liz Allen

TileBar’s Emily Hatch

Emily Hatch

TileBar’s Carolina Coelho

Carolina Coelho

TileBar’s Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott

Tilebar's Estefania Rengifo

Estefania Rengifo

TileBar’s tiffany-coppock

Tiffany Coppock

TileBar’s Shauna DiBuono

Shauna DiBuono

TileBar’s Lisa Perkowski

Lisa Perkowski

TileBar’s Amy Delgado

Amy Delgado

TileBar’s Darci Puryear

Darci Puryear

TileBar’s Nicole D’Ambrosio

Nicole D’Ambrosio

TileBar’s john bennet

John Bennett

Commercial Sales Representatives - Central Region

TileBar’s Alexarae Antekeier

Alexarae Antekeier

TileBar’s Dee Rundell

Dee Rundell

TileBar’s Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan

TileBar’s Ron McDaniel

Ron McDaniel

TileBar’s Michelle Rais

Michelle Rais

TileBar’s Esther Rollins

Esther Rollins

TileBar’s Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker

Tilebar's Brittany Marks

Brittany Marks

Tilebar's Andrea McCune

Andrea McCune

TileBar’s Dena Tisor

Dena Tisor

TileBar’s Erin Newton

Erin Newton

TileBar’s Lauren Sanders

Lauren Sanders

TileBar’s megan erikson

Megan Erikson

Commercial Sales Representatives - West Region

TileBar’s Marcel Roth

Marcel Roth

TileBar’s Matthew Gooch

Mathew Gooch

TileBar’s Scott Siegal

Scott Siegal

TileBar’s Erik Boyll

Erik Boyll

TileBar’s Amy Knecht

Amy Knecht

TileBar’s Kelley Collins

Kelley Collins

TileBar’s Danielle Vombaur

Danielle Vombaur

TileBar’s Michelle Bourne

Michelle Bourne

Sales Representatives - New Jersey Showroom

Sales Representatives - NJ Showroom

Aimar Guzman

Aimar Guzman

Heather Austin

Heather Austin

Karen Tierra

Karen Tierra

Sales Representatives - New York Showroom

Sales Representatives - NY Showroom

Chloe Adams

Chloe Adams

Ellen Gold

Ellen Gold

Francesca Barbuto

Francesca Barbuto

Jaclyn Cortez

Jaclyn Cortez

John Ibello

John Ibello

Michelle Morillo

Michelle Morillo

Internal Sales Representatives

  • Aaron Yeres - Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Alison Tierney - Plymouth, MA
  • Amanda Burrier - Dana Point, CA
  • Amanda Mackenzie - Dumfries, VA
  • Amy Butler - Raleigh, NC
  • Andrea McKechnie - Tacoma, WA
  • Angelica Justiniano - Houston, TX
  • Anne Vinci - Flanders, NJ
  • Anney Fate - Southfield, MI
  • Ariel Ram - New York, New York
  • Aryeh Horowitz - Hoover HQ
  • Bonnie Buffinga - Michigan
  • Brandon Mitchell - DFW, TX
  • Brittany Rubinstein - New York, New York
  • Brooke Hogan - Seattle, WA
  • Casey Gibbs - Dallas, TX
  • Charles Nicholsen - Newport, NC
  • Danielle Kimmel - Seattle, WA
  • Elizabeth Woods - Glen Bernie, MD
  • Elsa Tilmon - Little Rock, AR
  • Erin Chesley - Detroit, MI
  • Glenys Cespedes - Decatur, GA
  • Heather Walenta - North Florida
  • Jacob Zudell - Brooklyn, NY
  • Janie Hirschbuehler - Southern California
  • Jason Herget - Brooklyn, NY
  • Jen Divone - Jacksonville, FL
  • Jessika Brant - Buffalo, NY
  • Johnathan Lowe - Charlotte, NC
  • Karen Tierra - Lodi, NJ
  • Kasia Cardenas - Greenwich, CT
  • Katerina Voulkidis - Hoover HQ
  • Kristin Crowley - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
  • Krysta Wiegers - Norcal
  • Laurie Brown - Canyon Lake, CA
  • Leyla Beltran - Houston, TX
  • Lia Robbins - Hoover HQ
  • Lianne Alghul - Randallstown, MD
  • Margo Jacobs - Canfield, OH
  • Meir Heller - Hoover HQ
  • Michael Mingo - Hamilton, NJ
  • Morgan Anderson - Charlotte, NC
  • Natalie Aprile - Tampa, FL
  • Rachael Pipon - Atlanta, GA
  • Rafi Mansbach - Hoover HQ
  • Randi Bates - Ottsville, PA
  • Sarah Rahimzadeh - Los Angeles, CA
  • Sebastian Melchiori - Brewster, NY
  • Shira Klahr - Hoover HQ
  • Sonya Cazenave - Denver, CO
  • Teralynn Bryant - Sandy Springs, GA
  • Terrah Baldwin - Miami, FL
  • Tracy McEvoy - Blue Bell, PA
  • Yehuda Rosen - Sharon, MA