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Seeking porcelain, ceramic, marble or mosaic tile for your client’s next redesign or commercial project? Shop TileBar for the best deals starting low as $2.99 for any wall or floor or entire project.

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Looking for the latest tile trends? Shop our new products section to see the newest tile products added to our collection. Trade customers get samples for free with fast, free shipping!


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Our Trade Reps aim to be your trusted partner on every project you have from start to finish, and have your back every step of the way. From listening to your unique design needs to sourcing the right tile for the job, they do it all. Get to know them today.

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"I set out to create a tile company with a distinct brand identity that put the customer first. At TileBar, our shared goal is to provide customers a flawless, stress-free, and humane way of shopping for their design projects or renovations."

Eli Mechlovitz, TileBar CEO

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State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our sprawling New Jersey warehouse is the hub of all the action. Housed on a 26-acre lot and packed to the brim with our vast range of tiles, the new 300,000 sq. ft space is the equivalent of three warehouses. Learn More

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