TileBar is a company driven by creativity and an endless passion for helping you find the perfect tile for your project. Each person on our team is eager to develop a long-lasting relationship with you. We have carved a unique niche in the home design landscape, with an experience that remains unmatched in style, service, and selection. Our goal is to deliver you endless inspiration and the perfect tile pairing for your design project. We can't wait to work together and make you a part of our family today.


Whether you're buying tile for the first time or it's an everyday occasion, why not aim to make it enjoyable?

We believe it should be an experience — not just something you cross off your to-dos. That's why we've made our process collaborative; tile specialists are available around the clock to offer you design help, our sample program makes your online experience tangible, and our 365-day return policy keeps your worries at bay.

Our end goal is to make your shopping experience stress-free and help find you the perfect tile.


  • Integrity: What you see is what you get. We will never make promises we can't keep, and if something went wrong, we own it — and make it right.
  • Communication: No games; no guessing. At TileBar, you know where you stand at every step of the process.
  • Adaptability: We relentlessly push the envelope. What's next? How can we innovate? How can we be better? We know that if we chase perfection, we will catch excellence.
  • Care: We care about our customers — and it shows. We demonstrate genuine care through personal service and easy processes, and that's how we earn customers for life.
  • Personality: Real people want to work with...real people. We embrace personality — and inject it into every customer interaction.


Our culture is rooted in kindness, and inclusivity. We believe that a company is only as great as the people working for it. For this reason, we are consistently making sure that our work environment reflects this. We provide a space for our employees to grow as individuals, and to feel at home. Since our belief is that if they are happy, then they will go out of their way to make you happy, too.


When TileBar first launched in 2009, I had one goal in mind: Change the way things were being done in the tile industry. A decade later, and I can proudly say that with a creative, driven team behind me, that goal continuously gets met year after year.

To understand where we are today, I’d like to first take a short trip back to where we once were. When I started the company, there wasn’t a tile supplier in the industry that put the customer first or had a distinct brand identity. There existed a narrow-minded vision that the merchant was always the greatest, who knew better than the customer about what they wanted or how things should be done. The bother to create a unique brand experience was something foreign.

In short, it was a less-than-ideal way of doing business, and not one I understood. I set out to create a tile company that did the opposite of that and to provide customers a flawless, stress-free, and humane way of shopping for their design projects or home renovations online. I looked at e-commerce brands I admired that did this, and once I had a structure in mind, launched TileBar.com.

TileBar, as it stands today, is a brand driven by creativity and a distinct customer experience. I, and my team, find joy in developing relationships with you, and offering you unique perks like our innovative sample program. I am proud that over the years we have been able to grow from an e-commerce only destination to now having a NYC Flagship showroom in the heart of the Financial District.

As time goes on, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the company, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Eli Mechlovitz


Our carefully selected team members live and breathe TileBar: they genuinely enjoy the work they do and are excited to help you in every way possible. They believe in the product, they believe in the experience, and they believe that they can make tile buying a breeze. Get to know the faces of TileBar today.

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