Here at TileBar, we’re always working with top notch designers to create outstanding, one-of-a-kind collections. It excites us to be able to bring looks that we feel will raise your design and add a special something to your space.  

An example of this are the two latest collections by Angela Harris, Dunmore and Inspira.

Meet the Designer: Angela Harris

 Angela Harris in front of her iconic tile design

Angela is Principal and CEO of TRIO, one of the most highly regarded, fastest-growing design and visual merchandising firms in the nation. Angela founded TRIO in 1999 and has built it into the thriving national practice it is today using a market-driven design approach where sales and marketing work in tandem with great design.

Angela’s approach focuses on building strong, collaborative relationships with builders, developers and REITs through TRIO’s design services for multifamily, model homes and commercial projects. Using the latest in technology and market research, she creates forward-thinking environments that help clients reach their sales and leasing goals. With a master’s degree in Sustainable design, she brings a passion for environmentally responsible design that also considers how a space impacts the health and happiness of the people who use it. Having established a reputation for designing environments that seamlessly blend marketing, design, wellness and sustainability, Angela is currently leading the charge to incorporate WELL Building Standards into production and multifamily housing.

Meet the Collections: Dunmore and Inspira.

Dunmore and Inspira collections by angela harris with hanging chair in room

Imagine jet-setting into a new land with just a few steps. That’s exactly what Angela Harris’ latest curated collections aim to do. Reflective of the many travels Harris and her design firm embarks on, these atmospheric pieces breathe a bit of Cuban-inspired tones into any space. The ability to pair elaborate, painted tiles of Dunmore Collection with simple, gloss field tiles of Inspira Collection is just the start of the versatility.

The Dunmore Collection consists of bold colors and prints set on red body ceramic. There are 5 solid colors – cotto, ocre, blu, green – and 5 décor pieces – tirreno, micheli, vechio, sedan, savona, sonata. All of these pieces can be used on the walls or floors of a space.

Dunmore and Inspira collection by angela harris

The Inspira Collection, on the other hand, consists of matte field tiles that feature an organic overlay of metallic paint. Made from liquefied metal, the result is a beautifully industrialized look. Available in a striking dark gray, light silver, and muted blue. These pieces pair perfectly with the more exquisite Dunmore designs.

The myriad patterns, color tones, and sizing options of both collections allow you to bring a globe-trotter ambiance into any space in any way you choose.