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Drill-It-Yourself: Drilling Into Tile With Ease 

Planning on a DIY tiling project? Drilling clean holes through your tile is essential for a beautiful and professionally looking result. Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom wall or tiling an entire room – almost every tiling project requires drilling through the tiles to complete an…

How to Tile a Shower
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How to Tile a Shower 

Many of us have found ourselves living with a bathroom that feels worn and dated. We’ve tried a different paint color on the walls or cabinets, lights above the vanity, or even new plumbing fixtures, but nothing can distract from bad tile. Whether it is…


DIY Peel & Stick Tiles in 6 Easy Steps 

Let’s walk through the installation steps for a better understanding of how quick and easy Luxury Peel & Stick tiles can be for a quick do-it-yourself project. We’ve also included some extra tips to help with your success! Before You Start:SAFETY FIRSTWear safety glasses and…

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The Next Step in Peel & Stick Tiles 

Historically, peel and stick tiles have been a mixed bag in terms of value, aesthetic, and overall quality of finish. Our Tilebar Luxury Peel & Stick Tiles, however, are not your typical example. Blending commitment-free design with high-quality materials and finishes, our tiles elevate this…

Tilebar Tile Samples
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How To Buy Tiles Online 

Why Buy Tiles Online? Online shopping has become second nature to most of us in recent years, especially with 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic meaning that most of us are more comfortable shopping online than in person for our products. For some of us, it…