Before The Bar is a new series that will feature a design project that totally transformed a space using TileBar tile. Be prepared for content that will inspire, and entice your own design tastes.

When it comes to redesigning a space, it’s not often that a designer will know the tile they want to use and then create a space around it. This wasn’t the case for John of John McClain Interiors. The result was a complete transitioning from an outdated kitchen into a modern traditional space that captivates by way of new tile.

Read on and see what he had to say about the project overall.

What drove the redesign?

An image showing subway tiles in the kitchen as stove top backsplash as well as wall tiles above the counter tops
After The Redesign With Castle Hazy Trail Tile

This client wanted to retain portions of her kitchen while updating it for a fresh new look. We painted the cabinetry, changed hardware, and of course, updated the tile.

The lovely color of the Castle Hazy Trail Subway Tile not only blended the colors of the countertops (which were retained from the original home) but they also look handmade.

Did you hit any roadblocks?

The walls in this home (as in many homes) were uneven, so lots of leveling had to be done. We also sampled a few tiles from TileBar before we found just the perfect color.

How did you work with the original space your client had?

An imagine showing the kitchen before the redesign.
Before The Redesign

The footprint of this kitchen stayed exactly the same, as well as retaining the items mentioned. The best moral of this story is that with a few select updates, you CAN have a brand new space.

When the space was redesigned, did you have a hard time choosing the backsplash? What made you choose the tile you did?

An image showing a modern wine bar with new subway tiles featured on the kitchen wall
Wine Bar With Castle Hazy Trail Tile

Tilebar makes it so easy with choosing our samples online, to receiving the physical sample in the mail, so we had a very easy time in deciding. Once we received the samples, showed them to our client (along with the new paint colors), the choice was evident.