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Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

Our 2CM-thick porcelain pavers create stunning visual landscapes that weather the great outdoors and high traffic with their multiple stone, concrete, and wood looks. Shop All Pavers

The Tilebar Difference

  • Built to last

    Our 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Pavers are twice as thick as a typical porcelain tile and are built to withstand harsh weather and heavy traffic. With multiple installation options, you can take your favorite TileBar looks to the great outdoors.

    • Weather-Resistant


    • Thicker & More Durable

      Thicker & More Durable

    • Slip Resistant Texture

      Slip Resistant Texture

    • Multiple Install Options

      Multiple Install Options

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    2Cm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles
  • Multiple Installation Options

    These Outdoor Porcelain Pavers can go anywhere thanks to their 2CM thickness and durable porcelain construction. From dry installation on grass, gravel, and sand, traditional thick-set mortar installation, and even a raised pedestal installation, these pavers are a versatile solution for every outdoor space. Download installation instructions.

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