There are few materials that can inspire creativity as much as tile. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, it is clear that tiles are not solely a construction material, but a form of art. This is especially true when it comes to wall tiles: combining the functional qualities of tile – such as durability and surface protection – with endless design options, wall tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice, and large format wall tiles are leading the way. Their large size offers some great advantages when it comes to design options, installation time, and even maintenance. Let’s explore how large format wall tiles are a great option for your next tile project.

The Benefits of Large Format Wall Tiles

  • Larger tiles can allow for larger and more dramatic pattern designs
  • Larger wall tiles can also have dimensional texture and patterns
  • Fewer grout joints can also create a cleaner look for your tile which is great for a minimalist, modern look
  • Fewer grout joints can make your tile easier to keep clean and maintain
  • Larger tile can require less cuts during installation, making your tile project faster

Trending Designs for Large Format Wall Tile

Super Bloom: Floral Large Format Wall Tiles

Flower and botanical prints have already been dubbed one of the hottest trends in design this year, and one of the best ways to introduce it into your space is using tile. Floral-inspired tiles are a great option to bring mother nature indoors with their color and stylized motifs.

Try a soft and romantic look for your bathroom or bedroom with the Monet Collection, with its artistic painting-like details and reflective texture. You can also bring on a tropical heatwave to your fireplace, dining room, or kitchen with the sizzling metallics and screen printed depths of the Tropez Collection. It’s white or gold option will have you wishing for a paradise getaway in no time.

Best for: when you want to make a statement

Earthly Delights: Stone Look Large Format Wall Tiles

The look of natural stone is one of the most classic design choices you can make to create a look that will stand the test of time. Choosing a large format size allows you to show off the personality and unique characteristics of authentic natural stone, where the veining and swirling patterns go uninterupted, or you can recreate the elevated character by selecting a porcelain marble or stone look. The best part is that there are so many stone looks to choose from, you can fit them into any decor.

For a dynamic and bold entryway, feature wall, or fireplace, look towards the Drama Collection. These series features a number of different larger sized tiles to fit into any space. For a softer stone stone look, explore the Jewel Onyx Collection. The billowy swirls and non-directional movement of these onyx-look tiles are a perfect compliment to any bathroom or entryway.

Best for: timeless designs and elevated decor

Luxe & Luxurious: Artisan Large Format Wall Tiles

There are many tiles out there that bring the bling, but you can absolutely create jaw-dropping spaces when you choose a large format artisan tile. The crafted detail and artistry of specialty finishes get their chance to shine when there is plenty of space for the design and finish to do their thing. Whether it is old-school screen printing techniques or the latest modern printing technologies, these tiles come dressed to impress.

When you absolutely have to drip with money and prestige, look no further than the Boreal Collection. These tiles define bling and blur the line between art and interiors. These are perfect in any space, large or small, but make an entryway set an impressive tone or create a bathroom that no one will want to leave. For a bling that is out of this world, look no further than the Twilight Collection. This series of tiles elevates the industrial world into a celestial palace with its Starburst textures and metallic allure.

Best for: impressing everyone, even yourself, with how swanky you are

Elevated Inspiration: 3D & Textured Large Format Wall Tiles

When it comes to choosing tile, color isn’t always everything. You often find that the subtle intricacy and detail of the tile comes from its texture and dimension, and these attributes take center stage with a large format wall tile. The options are endless, from subtle patterns that are ingrained into the surface, to carved 3D creations that are no less than sculptural.

Textured wall tiles are not purely ornamental: they create depth and dimension in space, playing with the natural light to complement and elevate the space. Perfect for backsplashes, accents, or eye-catching feature walls, they are designed to make a bold design statement.

The Wonderland Collection of large format wall tiles features a range of textures, from organic to geometric, that bring a simple white tile to life. The plank format of this series is great for showers, bathrooms, backsplashes, or any place where an architectural form is wanted. You can take those geometric tile forms to the next level with the Instinct Collection’s 3D options. Sculptural and engaging, these dimensional tiles add a dynamic edge to your backsplashes, feature walls, bars, and beyond.

Best for: An eye-catching backsplash or a statement-making feature wall

Clean and Clear: Minimalist Large Format Wall Tiles

One of the hardest interior design styles to achieve is the minimalist aesthetic. With its clean lines and unerring attention to detail, this style prides itself on being one of the most thoughtful and well thought out in design. Every element is there to contribute to the balance of the space, so the finishes need to offer a simple backdrop for art, furniture, and even people. Large format wall tiles are a great option thanks to their minimal grout joints and ability to maintain a pristine appearance over time.

Many minimalist spaces gravitate towards the color white thanks to its ability to coordinate with any other color or finish without distraction. For a pure bright white, Nanoglass tile is an excellent option. This durable tile is comprised of Thassos, silica, and other natural powders that are sintered into a stain-proof surface that rivals granite. If you are looking for a white tile that adds interest with texture, explore the Angela Harris Walsh Collection. These large format wall tiles can be used by themselves or mixed to add more textural design to your tiled area.

Best for: spaces where you want a clean and simple look