Are you ready to tile or retile your home and you’re not sure if you should hire a professional or take the DIY route for tile installation? Then today’s post is perfect for you. We will go over the situations when DIY will be best and when you should hire professional help. 

When it comes to tiling, choosing whether to go with a professional tiler or to DIY it comes down to a few key questions:

  1. Do you have time to invest into a full project? 
  2. Do you have the funds for a project?
  3. Is the area that you’re tiling relatively small or easy to do? (No pipes in the way, or other obstacles to cut around).
  4. Are you good at following instructions and overall pretty DIY savvy?

Do You Have Time To Invest In A Project?

This is the first essential question to ask yourself before diving into a DIY Project. When it comes to carrying out a tile installation, we’ll be upfront, it’s no easy feat. You’ll have to go through a variety of steps before installing the tile floor or wall tile. 

Here’s what that process will look like: 

  1. Browse various tile options, and sample them to see how they’d look in your space. 
  2. Measure the square footage of the area in which you’re going to do the installation. Find out how many tiles you need.
  3. Order the tile and find the right grout type yourself as well as matching color.
  4. Make sure that your subfloor has no cracks or dips and is fully even.
  5. Prep the area and cut the tiles to make sure that they fit. 
  6. Install.

Whether you are installing tile backsplash, floor tiles or wall tiles, this entire process requires time, and continual effort. If this is something that isn’t in your schedule, it would be smart to save yourself the trouble and hire the help of a professional. This way, all you have to worry about is choosing the tile.

Do You Have The Funds For Tile Installation? 

It comes as no surprise that installing tile costs money. Thinking about the cost to install tile floor or backsplash is a key thing to do to ensure success. 

When you’re doing a DIY project, the price will be less (generally). You can assume that you’ll spend about $800-1200 on the installation. 

On the other hand, enlisting the help of an expert, while beneficial for those that are time-starved or not handy, will be more of an investment. You can expect to pay $1700-$2600.

What it comes down to is this: Do you want to pay for expertise or do you want to save some money for other expenses and do it yourself?

Is The Area Easy To Design + Install?

Okay, so you have the time to tackle a DIY project–Great! The next important thing to ask yourself is about the area you’ll be installing the tile; Is it straight-forward like a kitchen backsplash or an entryway floor, or is it complicated where you have drain tile installation (think a shower floor)? 

If it’s straight-forward like a kitchen backsplash where installing something like subway tile is welcomed, go for it! This should be a relatively easy process and shouldn’t overwhelm your wallet. 

The only things you need for this is deciding which tile is right for the backsplash, how to measure the tile for the area, how to cut the tile, and how to install tile. 

Luckily, we have a few key guides on the subject to get you well on your way to learning how to install tiles. You can check them out below: 

Guide 1: How To Decide On Backsplash Tile 

Guide 2: Measuring Tile 

Guide 3: Cutting Tile 

Guide 4: The Right Adhesive To Use For Tile Guide 5: Installing Tile

If, on the other hand, your project is now looking a little more complicated, you’ll want to consult a professional. The reason is simple: Cutting tile around pipes, drains, etc. can become a lot of work to the average DIYer (especially if you’re new to the field). You may end up spending more on extra tiles, and other materials, then if you were to just have someone knowledgeable come in and do it. 

Are You New To DIY or Is It A Skill You Have?

Finally, it’s time to be realistic; is this your first time at the rodeo, or do you have some DIY savvy skills up your sleeve? 

If you’re not one who loves instruction manuals, and directions can frustrate you, you’ll want to find a reliable professional to help you out. 

We say this for two reasons: 

  1. If you aren’t fully invested or find the project at hand fun, in some manner, there’s a chance you won’t finish it or that you’ll do it in a half-empty way. 
  2. You can run into issues when it comes to the more technical side of things; measuring the tile and cutting it.

It’s best to be honest with yourself to ensure your tile is gorgeous and long-lasting so it’s not an expense down the road.

If you’ve read this post and you’ve decided DIY is right for you, then it’s time to start. If you need a hand in deciding which tile works best for your space or which adhesive and grout to use, feel free to reach out to our tile experts for a free design consultation: