While you may think tile is solely used for floors or walls, today we invite you to rethink the possibilities of this staple. There’s so much more you can do with tile that’s both creative and stylish. Below you’ll find 7 creative ways to use tile in your home. 

Space Placement Ideas.

Use Tile On Stairs:  

Easton Summit Light Denim 2x9 Handmade Clay Ceramic Wall Tile shown on stairs
Featured Tile | Easton Light Denim Tile

Want to make each step stylish? Then you’ll love this first creative tile idea. Placing tile either on top of the stairs or underneath (as seen above) is a great way to add some spice to a traditional setup. Not only will it add a bit of color pop to any space, it also is durable and will last a long time. Win-win!

Pro Tip: You can even design wood tile stairs. A more sustainable option than using wood itself. 

Use Tile On Fireplaces:

Keep things cozy and cool with a fireplace accented with tile! Not only is tile heat-resistant, but it provides a pretty design touch. We especially love the way encaustic tile looks when used as a fireplace tile since it can really add a unique touch to it! But, the choice is yours!

Use Tile In The Bedroom:

Tired of the same-old-same when it comes to bed frames and headboards? We get that. To amp things up a bit and create a beautiful twist in your design, try for a headboard made out of tile. Not only will it give any space a personal touch, but it will also instantly liven it.

Use Tile On The Ceiling:

Ceilings are probably the last place you put your focus when you’re designing your home, right? It just seems so, well, boring. There’s no need for it to be though! You can really create a “wow” statement by skipping the paint bucket and tiling your ceiling instead! Imagine the striking results of using decorative tiles on the ceiling; it will have your guests looking up in wonder. Plus, you get bonus points for doing things differently.

Use Tile Behind Bookshelves:

Nolita 24x24 Matte Porcelain Tile shown on the wall behind wooden book shelf
Featured Tile | Nolita Porcelain Tile

Book lovers, rejoice! There is a way to make your bookshelf even more aesthetically pleasing. Tiles provide a creative way to boost your overall design and give some extra spotlight on your prized possessions. If you’re someone who likes sparkle, go for mirror tiles. If you prefer a bit of quirk, then decorative tiles will be your best bet. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the tile behind your bookshelf. Use your imagination (we bet as a reader you have a great one!).

General Style Ideas

Create Dimensions With 3-D Tiles:

There’s so much more to the world of tile than just subway tiles! One of the most unique-looking pieces are 3-D tiles. They not only add dimension to a space but they also add a sense of texture and movement. This bodes well for any accent wall, or backsplash that craves something extra. 

Go Bold With Mismatched Tiles:

Not all tile has to be uniformed and matchy; in fact, mixing up either the colors or patterns will give you some gorgeous results. Imagine creating an ombre wall made up of different shades of blue or pairing a bold patterned tile with a solid color tile…It would turn heads. 

Create A Fabric Look With “Carpet” Tiles:

Last, but not least, on the list of 7 creative ways to use tile is carpet tiles. These faux-fabric pieces give off the coziness of carpeting without any of the maintenance. For example, carpet tiles for the bedroom is a simple yet effective way to bring a twist to  traditional flooring. 

That’s a wrap on today’s post! We hope we left you off with some inspirational insights to help create a stunning design.