When it comes to walls or floors, there’s a tile option that will make Mother Earth proud. That would be wood look tiles. These gorgeous pieces mimic the look and feel of the real thing, but are environmentally friendly, since no trees are harmed in the process.

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Beach Cabin Approved.

 Cyprus 4x32 Wood look tiles used in bathrooom

If you love the feeling of standing knee deep in crystal blue waters and breathing in fresh air, the Cyprus 4×32 Tile is perfect for you. This wood-look, matte porcelain tile evokes the feeling of beach days with its weathered appearance and coastal blue palette. Create an endless summer in your bathroom, or kitchen.

Touch of Tiger.

 Brazilian Tiger Blue wood look tile

The magical land of New Zealand treasures the most exotic wood in the world, because it is obtained from trees that have fallen due to cataclysms and have remained underground for thousands of years. The Brazilian Tiger Blue is inspired by the unique style of this wood and it reflects its natural elegance in modern living environments. 

Almost Classic.

 Oakley Fruitwood wood look tile

The Oakley Fruitwood is a light color tone with a matte finish that brings a rustic feel indoors.The porcelain tile contains various shades of tan, gray and brown which provides a realistic comparison to wood. Perfect to use on the wall or floor. On-trend and undeniably beautiful, bring the warmth of wood into your next project with Oakley.

Wonderfully Weathered.

the Linden Collection Hardwood look tile

Move over, hardwood! Evoking the rich, rural look of lake houses and country lodges, the Linden Collection brings all the tranquility and warmth of natural wood into your home in a durable, high-utility porcelain format.

A Natural Outlook.

 DuJour Chevron Natural Honey Tile wood look

The DuJour Chevron Natural Honey Tile brings the warmth of wood to life. It combines all the expressive power of wood with leading edge technology to create a look that is authentic. The herringbone cut is a sophisticated shape designed to enhance any commercial or residential space.

Woodsy Mosaic.

2x2 matte, porcelain tile that mimics the rugged-to-the-touch feel you'd expect from real wood used on shower floor

Shatter previously held thoughts on authenticity and welcome a gray tone wood look into the home with Willow Sant’elena. A 2×2 matte, porcelain tile that mimics the rugged-to-the-touch feel you’d expect from real wood in a more durable, easy to maintain way. It can be used on floors or walls, to bring an ambiance of warmth and element of cozy to your space. With a worn-in appearance, fool everyone into thinking there’s a rich history that lies behind your walls.

So, there you have it, wood look tiles that will make the Earth proud and your home happy. Do you have a favorite? Comment below and let us know!