Today we’re going to discuss a trend that you’ve probably seen creep into your Instagram and Pinterest feeds in recent times. It’s one that appeases anyone who is interested in a design that serves both form and function. The trend is open shelving against a tile backsplash. Today, we’ll go through the benefits of open shelving, how to install the shelving, and a few inspirational designs to get your wheels turning.

There are many benefits of open shelving against backsplash tile. Some of our top ones is the fact it’s unique, budget-friendly, makes grabbing dinnerware convenient, and keeps things neat.

Steal The Look: 5 Designs With Open Shelving

Design By: J Steward Designs | Shop Featured Tile: Nabi Sprig Metallic Copper Tile

Want to spice things up? Try out placing a statement tile directly behind the stovetop and carry it to the ceiling behind your range. Then add open shelving that works in tandem with the design.

Design By: Casanova Design | Shop Featured Tile: Cascais Silver Ornate Tile

This kitchen showcases everything that makes a farmhouse design playful – from the full encaustic backsplash to the modern, shelving.

Design By: IDKNY | Shop Featured Tile: Basic White 3×6 Tile

This kitchen proves that sometimes, simplicity can say it all. The natural wood open shelving against a traditional offset subway tile in white keeps things light yet beautiful.

Design By: Reside Design | Shop Featured Tile: Faber White Tile

This design trends towards the funkier side with a contemporary, artistic tile as the backsplash and open shelving tucked in one corner to keep plates as well as decor pieces

Design By: KBR Design Build | Shop Featured Tile: Byzantine Bianco Tile

Another classic subway design, only this time, you can see the sheer versatility of open shelving as it makes this narrow kitchen look larger.

How-To-Install Open Shelving Against Tile Backsplash

The Step-by-Step:

First, you’ll want to gather your materials. Here’s what you need:

  • Shelves of choice
  • Brackets (with wall plugs)
  • Cordless Drill
  • Diamond Tip Drill Bit

Next, dig in and get organized:

  • Draw an even, level horizontal line where you want to place the shelves.
  • Locate studs in the wall for installation.
  • Drill into the spot using the correct ¼” drill bit (will vary for each bracket, so check what’s right for you) .
  • Insert wall plugs into the holes. Place the brackets.
  • Place the shelves onto brackets and do a pressure test to make sure that it holds whatever you need.
  • Voila! You are done. Congratulations.

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