When it comes to kitchen flooring, raise your hand if you, like us, are tired of seeing so much of the same thing time again? It seems that especially in kitchens, wood reigns superior or solid, one color tile is go-to. While we’re all for keeping things traditional, in 2020, there are so many options for unique kitchen flooring, so why limit yourself? To show how to jump out of your comfort zone and welcome a personal touch to your space (or suggest for your clients!) we put together the top 8 kitchen flooring ideas and trends for this year.

Unique Marble Looks 

When it comes to sophisticated kitchen flooring options, naturally, marble comes to mind. Well, thanks to advancements in the printing process, now you can find extremely original, marble-look porcelain tiles. They have all the beauty of natural stone (and then some) without the high maintenance you may otherwise need to perform. They make the perfect kitchen tiles without the price tag of stone kitchen flooring. 

A beautiful marble look tile with strands of colour seeming to naturally run through the tile shown on a restaurant floor
A beautiful marble look tile with strands of colour seeming to naturally run through the tile shown on a restaurant floor

Bright, Modern Pops of Color 

Nothing makes a space pop more than some brightly colored floors! This year, expect there to be a lot more playful, classic colors for flooring available. After all, Pantone’s Color of the Year was a deep, classic blue! That means, the industry is only to see more of such a color across all designs–this includes modern kitchen flooring options. 

For this kitchen flooring trends piece, try to create a monochromatic atmosphere for extra brownie points!

 patterned tile example
Blue square tile example

Large Pattern Format Tiles 

Why play small when you can play large? With large patterns, that is. The best part about using modern patterns is that they’re extremely versatile and offer endless lay patterns. This translates to creating an individualized look that bodes well with your overall design.

Large black and white pattern tile
An example of four large black white and grey pattern tiles

Porcelain Slabs For Less Grout Lines

These amazing porcelain pieces will be coming soon to TileBar, so it was only natural that we include them in our list of kitchen flooring options! With their large size, light-weight feel, and extreme durability, slabs are a great way to incorporate traditional marble looks into your design without the maintenance or need for excessive grout lines! 

It keeps things cohesive, upscale, and luxurious. Trust us, this is one new trend you don’t want to ignore. 

Keep an eye out for our porcelain slabs launch (sign up for emails here). 

Add A Touch of Floral Fun!

With warmer weather approaching (at last!), this porcelain kitchen flooring trend will have almost all of you on board. Beautiful, and captivating floral patterns will steal the show in your kitchen with their bright hues and interesting color stories. Definitely a more stand-out option than, say, grey kitchen flooring, which would have you playing it safe. This is a new year so push “playing it safe” with design to the side!

A floral design consisting of green and whites
A floral design consisting of green, white, blue and purples.

Unique Wood Looks 

Next up on our kitchen flooring ideas list are wood look porcelain tiles. Ah, while you may be thinking; “Porcelain wood looks? Okay, boring!”. You’d be very wrong. This year, with the advancements of printing, the wood look porcelains have come back with realer-than-ever bodies. You’ll see wood graining that is so realistic, it will actually trick your eyes. Plus, there are some white wash, ashy options that are perfect for those modern farmhouse designs!

An example of a light wood look tile
wood look tiles used in a dining room space on the floor

Hello, Hexagon Encaustics 

What can you do to add a bit of dimension into porcelain kitchen flooring? Throw some hexagon encaustics into the mix! With their geometric body and slightly worn-in appearance, they make any space come to life.  They’re one of our favorites of the most popular kitchen flooring tiles on this list.

blue hexagonal tiles with white grout shown on a kitchen floor
Hexagonal tiles with a geometric pattern shown on the floor with gold hostess trolley to highlight the pattern

Gemstone-Look Tiles 

Finally, we have the “gemstone” tiles. These are porcelain kitchen flooring tiles that have the appearance of precious stones but are functional and durable. With their ombre of color and supremely mesmerizing bodies, they are sure to make a splash in any space!

Gemstone look tiles featuring a natural moss colour with beautiful tones of color running through the tile
Gemstone look tiles featuring a natural brown colour with beautiful tones of brown running through the tile

That’s a wrap on the kitchen flooring trends in store for 2020. Which is your favorite? Comment below!