The last few years have seen bathroom design shift from an impersonal, functional space to one of style, enjoyment, and even spa-like refuge from not just the rest of the house, but the world. They are becoming the pinnacle of personal expression in a home, and an absolute must on every homeowner’s tour to show off the clever way that they found extra storage space or the stunning mosaic bathroom tiles that they found that reminds them of their favorite trip overseas.

Let’s explore the hottest bathroom tile trends and how you can make them your own:

Strong Patterned Tiles

Don’t be afraid of bold and daring when it comes to the latest bathroom tile trends. These striking patterned bathroom tiles fit especially well in smaller bathroom spaces where they can pack an even bigger punch. The HexArt and HexArt Pop Collections are a great way to add fun style to any space with bold patterns in both neutral and bright colors. The Stacy Garcia Maddox Collection is another eye-catching option, with the Deco pattern offering a two-tone design that can be laid in multiple patterns.

Dual-Colored Bathrooms

Sticking with a dual-colored color scheme can make any space feel like a designer showcase. Bathrooms are a spectacular option for this two-color option thanks to the ability of tiles to offer various textures and depth that a painted wall just can’t match. The Vivir Wainscot Collection is great for dual-colored bathrooms thanks to its unique architectural reproduction of traditional wainscot and trim. You can also use a monochromatic tile like the Kent Collection. These picket shapes come in a flat or 3D format so you can choose your level of pattern texture to bring a new dimension to this simple color palette.

Sustainable Materials

Most tiles have a great sustainability story. Porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles are made from readily abundant raw materials that provide longevity and durability. The longer that a material can be used in space, the better it is for the environment by not having to be replaced and thrown into a landfill. A properly installed tile wall or floor can last decades, or in some cases centuries, making it both an environmentally friendly and great long-term investment option. The TruTech Porcelain Collection is through-body porcelain that has one of the strongest constructions available that can stand up to heavy wear and tear, and even has a textured “Sasso” finish for slip resistance in bathrooms. You can also look for tiles that have recycled content like the Halcyon Recycled Glass Collections, These mosaic bathroom tiles deliver a clean and refreshing look in an earth-friendly upcycled product.

Saturated Colors

Surrounding yourself with your favorite color is always a home-run when designing for a bathroom or other personal space. Tiles offer a beautiful range of finishes and textures that can bring color to life, and this is especially true with saturated tones. A great example of this is the Portmore Collection that stands out thanks to a handmade appeal with bold color options. You can also find your signature color with the Zeolite Collection. These porcelain tiles show off their swirling bands and agate-inspired look with beautifully hued purples and blues. And speaking of blues, this color is always a favorite for bathroom styles year after year so explore more with the article Dive Into These Denim Blue Tile Looks.

Exterior-Style Tiles

Bringing the outdoors into an interior space can take on many styles from rustic to Scandinavian to Industrial Chic. The earthy calm of natural materials is always a go-to when you are wanting a zen-like spa experience in your bathroom and can work with any size from a large suite to a small powder bath. Find your zen moment with the Pergola Collection that offers mixes of both stone and wood in a hexagon shape that allows for an infinite variety of patterns and variations. Find even more outdoor inspiration with the Vivir Wood Look Collection. This tile collection offers unique colors on a smaller scale to accommodate herringbone and other patterns in small spaces.

Bathrooms are our places of retreat, relaxation, and personal space so it only makes sense that they are now showplaces of the designs and styles that express our true selves. Ready to see more bathroom inspiration? Check out the article Bathroom Remodel Ideas for some great ideas that go beyond this year’s trends. And speaking of 2021, are you curious about how we arrived at such bold and expressive bathroom tiles design trends? Check out this brief history lesson…

A History of Bathroom Tile Trends

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For decades, many homeowners and builders often opted for neutral colors and simple, mostly plain designs for bathrooms and even kitchens. They would fall under the spell of words like “safe” and “resale value” with the idea that no design is better than future potential buyers hating a bolder tile or paint choice.

So what changed this decades-long trend? One important key in the shift away from mostly boring bathroom design was the introduction of home improvement and renovation shows into people’s lives. They empowered homeowners to explore their own creativity, as well as encourage a new generation of DIY-ers who became unafraid to tackle projects like renovating a kitchen or retiling a bathroom.

The DIY culture not only demystified home renovation but also demystified Interior Designers and their techniques for creating great spaces. Combining this knowledge with the power of online resources gave people the ability to develop their own personal style. This revolution began with kitchens and bathrooms where people would move into a home with a “safe” and neutral design, and immediately tear it out and replace it with a more personal and stylish statement.

Now fast forward to today where people find not only inspiration online but can also learn how to do it themselves and even purchase all the tools and materials that they need to complete a successful project.

Ready to find your own inspiration? Explore these tile collections to help make your next tile project a success…