If you’re tired of seeing white kitchens, or simply trend towards a darker design palette, then you’re going to love today’s roundup. We’ve gathered the chicest, edgiest, and most unique black tiles that we offer on Tilebar.com.

Ready to go to the dark side? Here we go.

A Geometric Touch.

The Meadowmere Black Tile with matte finish

The Meadowmere Black Tile is a surefire way to add a original touch to your design. Plus, it has a modern appeal that makes it a standout piece. It is a cement-look ceramic tile with a matte finish, which allows it to have design fluidity; place in a minimalistic modern space or a traditional one, without anyone batting an eye (just maybe batting their eyelashes in awe).

Like Contemporary Art.

The Faber Tile modern art style crackled painting technique

Want people to step into your space and think they’ve entered a modern art gallery? Then you’re sure going to fall for this next design. The Faber Tile uses a crackled painting technique that creates a textured and a geometric appearance. It can be used on walls or floors for a stunning look. Perfect to add to any black tiles selection.

Design Tip: Try a floor-to-ceiling look for an even edgier outcome.

Travel to Aruba.

5x10 Aruba Décor Cold Tile with colorful hues

Want to take a visual vacation? Check out the Aruba Décor Cold Tile. In colorful hues that match the crystal-clear waters, and black sand beaches of the country, this 5×10 ceramic tile will decorate your walls in an island approved way. Your eternal paradise has been found.

Minimalist Living Approved.

Fordham Nero minimalistic tile used on a floor example

With a tinge of edginess thanks to its stone look, Fordham Nero is the ideal tile for any minimalistic space. No matter the way you lay it, a sense of depth is always revealed. Place on walls or floors for an undeniably on-trend look.

Subway Tile, Reinvented.

The Bohemian Brick Metallic Pewter subway tile in 2.5 x 9 used on wall

The Bohemian Brick Metallic Pewter offers a striking edge to traditional black subway tile. This 2.5×9 ceramic is coated in a stunning pewter shade that pops. With a noticeable shine thanks to its polished finish, and a to-the-touch texture from small crevices, it undeniably elevates any design. Add to an accent wall in your living room to make a bold statement or in your kitchen to add a little spark.

A Timeless Classic.

Black subway used as backsplash horizontal tiles

Using a subway tile as a backsplash will add dimension and style to your kitchen decor or any decorated space within your home. These ceramic tiles have a very distinct look that will inject a dose of traditional and contemporary feel into your room.

Design Tip: Try laying in a herringbone pattern to change things up and create a twist in your design.

Style, Squared.

6x6 Sacramento Decor Ink tile used as a backsplash

The Sacramento Decor Ink tile brings a bolder look to the collection. With a matte finish, this 6×6 porcelain black tile makes a perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Plus, the boundless black coloring and textured, patterned surface guarantees that no matter the placement, you’re sure to add depth to any room you decide to place it! Patterns will vary by box.

Patterns on Repeat .

3D look Nabi Harlequin Gunmetal tile

Shake up your design with a touch of individuality. The Nabi Harlequin Gunmetal tile is a crackled, handmade ceramic. Coated in an audacious gunmetal gray and polished to perfection, its captivating appearance never goes unnoticed. The repeated bow shape makes for a 3D look that really makes any design pop. Place on a kitchen backsplash or on an accent wall, either way, you’ll breathe life into any space.

Pops of Texture.

 Gossamer 3x12 Lavagna porcelain tile used in kitchen for example

In a midnight black, the Gossamer 3×12 Lavagna porcelain tile is a show-stopper with its artistic design. Featuring trend-setting 3-D patterns, this extruded tile brings an elevated look to any space. Use in a modern kitchen for a textured pop or place on the walls of your shower to add depth. There are 5 patterns in total, each box has a random mix. Size variations between pieces.

Captivating Contrasts.

Marble Tech Port Laurent's striking black marble-look tile used in bathroom as wall backsplash

Marble Tech Port Laurent’s striking black marble-look will elevate your space and leave behind a trail of admirers after they get a glimpse of its beauty. All the sophistication of real marble is delivered in this 12×24 matte porcelain tile. The contrasting white veining adds another level of powerful appeal to this piece. Use on the floors of your kitchen, or bathroom to captivate and make a spectacular impact.

Loved these black tiles? Have a favorite? Comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear.