2021 is just around the corner, and what a year it’s been! Like most of us, you’ll no doubt have been spending a lot more time at home, and wondering what improvements you can make in the future to really bring it to life.

At Tilebar we’re always keeping up to date with home design trends, and even setting them wherever we can, so we’ve put together a few 2021 kitchen tile trends that are sure to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Relaxing Blues

Blue is an often overlooked colour in the kitchen, but it’s widely considered to be one of the more relaxing colours there are. After the year 2020 has been, we could all use some more peaceful, relaxed time in the home. Beneficial to the mind and body, the kitchen can be a great place to some bold, blue colouring to help keep you chilled and focused while preparing meals for your loved ones. 

A blue kitchen backsplash can help to take your kitchen to the next level. Bold tiles like the Castle Denim or the Los Lunas, for example, are great if you want to blend an antique feel with the modern for a unique looking finish. 

Confident, patterned tiles like the eye-catching Hexart Deco or the combination style of the Eveningstar Marble radiate beauty and class while keeping the overall feel of the room airy and light. Ideal for a smaller kitchen or one that gets less natural sunshine through the windows. 

Blue tiling can look especially pleasing when coupled with kitchen sides and fittings that are white or light neutral colours. The watery curves of the Allure Lazy River, for example, is a combination of polished glass in white and shades of blue that combines for a design that is easy on the eye while still being an attention-drawing design. 

Industrial Designs

Industrial designs go in and out of trend, but they keep coming back and 2021 won’t be any different. Metallics and dark colours always look good together, perfect for a Victorian, Steampunk, or urban enthusiast this style continues to be popular and will see more popularity in the coming year. Usually reserved for a more spacious kitchen, it can still be used to great effect in a smaller area. 

If you’re looking for a classic dark tile, then the Manchester is ideal for that industrial look and feel and is already one of our top trending designs. Traditional rectangle tiles like these or the Fordham Nero with their organic aesthetic work perfectly to add a bold stone look; timeless and always classy.

A sleeker alternative to the traditional industrial look can be desirable, to put a modern spin on an old classic. The Exagoni Puro or the  Nero Marquina tiles, for example, add a simple hexagonal patterning to a wall, giving depth and character that will go perfectly with smooth copper, bronze or gold kitchen fittings. 

Alternatively, taking that metallic look to the walls is easily achievable with something like a simple, classic Copper Metal or Stainless Steel subway tile. You could even push the boat out even further with the Cirque Stainless metal tiles, a mixture of concave and convex circles, or the Stainless Steel Penny styles that drum home that industrial feel.

Strong Contrasts

The popularity of bold, contrasting and two-tone kitchens continues to grow and the options for this are endless. Bright colours against white, simple monochrome or patterns against plain surfaces are all strong visuals that we expect to keep up in 2021. 

The traditional black and white combination works with a minimalist tile like the Simple Nanoglass but also works with arabesque designs like the Byzantine Florid. When used with a minimalist tile it allows for stronger coloured, more patterned or heavily marbled surfaces, whereas a more patterned tile works perfectly with simple, block-coloured accompaniments in blues and greens.

If your kitchen has simple white surfaces then a contrasting tile is strong colouring can bring it to life. As mentioned above, blues are going to continue to be on-trend in 2021 but green is an overlooked colour that works great against white. Polished Marble like the Layla Verde with their geometric patterns are sophisticated and are guaranteed to look impressive across any kitchen wall or floor. For an adventurous, unique looking kitchen, the Hasavar Verde enhances that feel of contrast, while adding a 3-D feel to a space. 

Large Splashbacks

We’ve seen a growing trend towards larger splashback tiles being used in kitchens and we’re pretty sure that it’s just going to continue through 2021. A large tile can give the illusion of size in a kitchen, so if you’re limited for space or want to make your kitchen appear a little larger then this trend could be one you jump into.

The Nolita is one of our more popular designs 24×24 inch tile, is an eccentric design, combining stripes in an overlapping pattern, in opposing directions to form a unique look that makes any space more exciting.  

For a strong, timeless appeal, limestone-look tiles like the Rushmore Rock are ideal, or if you’re looking for strong contrasts as discussed above then the Lines Black are both great choices that will work great as backsplash or flooring equally. Available in up to 36 x 36 inches this is a striking style that will be sure to add character to any kitchen.

Other Designs

These are just a few of our trend predictions for 2021, but we’ve got plenty of kitchen ideas that you can use to make your kitchen into a masterpiece. From modern subway looks to sophisticated marble looks, there is a style for any design taste.