We embraced our share of comfortable design styles in the past year—and we have the timeless tiles to prove it. Our love affair with neutrals and natural materials heated up in 2022. We warmed to cool stone, fell for dimension in a big way, and upped the ante on our bet that mixed materials were winners. Check out our top tile trends of 2022 here.

This year, we are seeing continued interest in sustainability, dimensionality, and the natural world as inspiration. An eye-opening uptick in big and bold installations. And steady movement toward warmer palettes and fresh takes on tried-and-true period styles.

Every year at TileBar we work with our industry partners—designers, architects, and builders in the know—to translate the trends we’re seeing into the innovative, design-forward tile collections you love.

Here’s what’s trending in 2023:

Texture on Top

See it, Feel it, Layer it

Texture is every designer’s darling; it’s the quickest, most effective way to add depth, dimension, and visual interest to a room. From nubby fabric to embossed wallcoverings to smooth, stone flooring, texture is the design element that most readily conveys the mood and style of a space. It’s no wonder it’s trending. Tile is the perfect vehicle for adding texture; choose from big dimensionality, small/intricate dimensionality, subtle/micro texturing, and finishes that create optical illusions.

Colorplay (especially Inflex White and Steps Gray), a collection featuring five different, captivating surfaces and five vibrant, crackled colorways. Colorplay gets its texture from glazes that wash over and gently pool between the elevations on its surface.

Sarina, a modern interpretation of a classic style featuring delicate, black crackle lines. This collection of white ceramic tiles and companion trims is inspired by craquelure, often considered a mark of authenticity and value in antiques and objets d’art.


Feeling Good, Inside and Out

The trend toward wellness is as robust as ever. This year, expect to see even more designs that honor nature, respect our planet, and make us feel good in body, mind, and spirit. It will be easier than ever to incorporate organic and sustainable materials and biophilic design into the built environment. We like natural stone, eco-friendly LVT, recycled materials, and tile inspired by forms and materials found in nature.

Wildflower, a striking mosaic inspired by biophilic design. The Wildflower series is crafted of marble to capture light and contrast. Inspired by the beauty of a lush cutting garden, this tile is in full flower in an entryway, on a fireplace, or accent wall.

Alaska White, a natural tile that celebrates the timeless beauty of marble. Featuring contemporary patterns and a polished finish, this tile is purity personified.

Moxy XL, a wide-plank LVT that offers the beauty of natural wood with the perks of hardworking vinyl. LVT is free of harsh chemicals, and all trims and waste are recycled during the manufacturing process.

Cozy Colors

Warm Up to Earth Tones

It’s human nature to turn toward the sun. It’s not surprising then, after a few too many years of sheltering in place, we’re falling in love with warm, elemental earth tones. Hues like red, yellow, orange, and gold are mood-enhancers, and they can magically make even cavernous rooms feel cozier. It’s going to be a big year for terracotta.

Parry, a favorite for its fun, fish-scale shape. But it’s Parry’s soft matte, terracotta finish that owns the day.

Burgos, an earthy tile that captures the essence of summer. This porcelain series features the golden glow of classic terracotta and a highly detailed, hand-painted feel.

Wabi Sabi, an artisanal subway tile featuring a coral pink, dappled surface and glossy, crackled finish. Made in sunny Spain, Wabi Sabi is a reminder that there’s beauty in imperfection—and that we all look our best in rooms that are warm and rosy.

Style Revival

Everything Old Is New Again

Do a Google search on any period design style and it’s a sure bet you’ll find out it’s dead and gone. And alive and kicking. Every year we see tile styles come and go (and come around again) and this year is no different. Familiar looks almost always return refreshed—with darker or lighter finishes, sharper or softer angles. We’re seeing much-loved materials interpreted in unexpected ways.

Nolita, a captivating tile that could just as easily fall into the Big & Bold category. Nolita features overlapping black-and-white stripes to form a multi-dimensional look. It harks back to all things Deco.

Mancala, a meetup of sage green and terrazzo, together again! Glass pieces set in an elongated clay base create a subdued glittery effect, perfect for contemporary spaces.

Tau Blanco, a porcelain tile that calls to mind traditional Mediterranean design, but with a lighthearted twist. It features a starry geometric pattern in stark black and white.

Big & Bold

Fearless Formats and Patterns

Go big or go home … it’s never been truer. This year, expect to be wowed by all things outsize and daring. Subtlety may be safe, but statements are in vogue. We’re favoring scene-stealing surfaces both indoors and out. Size matters and so does style: Think stone slabs, large-format tile like cobblestone tile, bold mosaics, and gutsy patterns.

Nature Flagstone, a large-format (40×40) mosaic that elevates the look of cobblestone with its size and elegant Carrara marble surface. It adds showstopping luxury indoors or out, poolside or in the shower.

Monet Savage, a gorgeous porcelain tile featuring a stunning botanical design. With a cool, emerald palette, the oversized wall tile instantly takes you away to a tropical paradise.

Curated Essentials

Standing the Test of Time

They’re back. Or to be precise, they never left. It’s why we call them classics. No trendspotting is complete without a mention of the fan favorites that prevail year after year, no matter how many fads and microtrends make their way into our lives. They’re a part of the design landscape: timeless materials, shapes, patterns, and lasting looks. They hold their own with good reason; we call them our curated essentials.

Eden, an ever-popular, penny round mosaic with a timeless graphic quality. The Latte colorway is decorative and durable, and always on our customers’ short list of options for both commercial and residential projects.

Nashville, made from all-natural materials, this classic tile reinterprets a tranquil, soft white, vein-cut travertine in high-tech porcelain. Engineered for long-lasting resilience, you know this classic will never get old.

Kenridge, a textural matte porcelain tile rendered in natural maple tones to create the illusion of rib-slat wall paneling. Authentic in look and feel, this versatile tile is at home in any room of the house.