The modern kitchen is one of the most crucial rooms in the house, regardless of whether you reside in the country, suburbs, or the city. It is the heart of your home and the place where you prepare your meals, and entertain your family and friends. Therefore, you should always try and make it inviting, clutter-free, and seamlessly functioning.

However, regular clean-ups, smoke stains, high foot traffic, and the presence of food particles can contribute to the tarnishing of even the most well-maintained cooking spaces. So, if you want to keep the cooking space fresh and bright, make sure you upgrade it every once in a while or renovate it. But, with so many modern kitchen design ideas trending in 2020, choosing the right one can be quite challenging. If you are looking for some inspiration or designing your kitchen from scratch, please read on.

10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Add an Eat-In Table

The addition of an eat-in table is quite famous amongst several design ideas for modern kitchens. In fact, smaller houses and hectic schedules have forced many homeowners to add an eat-in table in their kitchens instead of setting up a formal dining area. These families can enjoy their meals every day and even entertain their friends in their kitchens. Most eat-in tables are usually an extension of the home’s kitchen island, says Kristen Chapple from Inspire, Design & Create. So, make sure you add some comfortable chairs in the kitchen.

Creative Lighting

A small kitchen can look bigger when it’s well-lit. So make sure you optimize the natural lighting in your kitchen by installing some big windows or a skylight. Other than lighting up a place, natural light can improve the ambiance of any room in the house. This beautiful kitchen enjoys ample light. You can also add under-cabinet lighting to help beautify your kitchen in the evening. Under-cabinet lighting comes in several colors, so make sure you pick something that matches your décor.

Brushed Stone Asian Statuary 2x8 Marble Subway Tile shown on the kitchen wall above the counter tops in a herringbone pattern
Design By: Clearcut Construction | Shop Featured Tile: Asian Statuary 2×8

Add an Eat-In Bar

Instead of adding an eat-in table or dining place in your kitchen, you should try an eat-in bar. An eat-in bar is perfect for people with a small kitchen. An eat-in bar can provide you with space for dining in the same place where you prepare and cook your meals. The eat-in bar can also provide you with more space when you have a company or a house party. Most designs for eat-in bars separate the dining region from the food preparation and cooking area on the kitchen island.

Eveningstar Marble Tile, Polished shown as a stovetop backsplash as well as on the rest of the kitchen wall
Design By: Crafting Culture | Shop Featured Tile: Eveningstar Marble Tile

Modern Rustic Design

Modern rustic kitchen design can be a perfect idea for city dwellers who miss the rustic charm of his/her mother’s kitchen back home. For a modern rustic kitchen, you can combine glossy modern countertops and tiles with a wooden floor and a rough brick accent wall. You can finish the look by adding sleek modern lighting. The natural-looking wooden table with a black stand complements the wood floor and rough brick wall.

Opt for an All White-Color Design

Nothing screams minimalist or contemporary than an all-white modern kitchen. Other than being effective and simple, an all-white kitchen can make a statement (provided it’s kept clean). If you are concerned about your kitchen looking too clinical, you can try and mix white with other colors such as grey or black.

Norwalk Frame White 4x24 Polished Ceramic Wall Tile shown laid horizontally on the kitchen wall. It's also used for the stovetop backsplash.
Design By: Sia Interior | Shop Featured Tile: Norwalk Frame White Tile

Build a Multi-Purpose Space in the Kitchen

Beautiful modern kitchens that are sparkling clean and clutter-free have the potential to be more than just cooking spaces. While adding an eat-in table or eat-in bar is quite obvious, a small study wouldn’t be out-of-place in a clean huge kitchen with an open layout. A small study can be even better if the kitchen has a huge window overlooking the city (from a penthouse), ocean, or lake. This beautiful kitchen has huge windows with a great view of the city, and it can be used for a wide variety of events such as a small party.

Add Colorful Backsplash Tiles

No kitchen remodeling project is really complete without a beautiful matching backsplash and floor tiles. Backsplashes have been a crucial part of most kitchen remodeling projects for decades. Other than protecting your wall, backsplashes complement the countertops giving your kitchen a modern look. Instead of installing the backsplash tiles from the under-side of your wall cabinets to the countertop, why don’t you stretch it to the ceiling? The shape, pattern and color of the tiles you choose can make or break your remodeling project. So choose a design that matches perfectly with your interior décor.   

Opt for a Sleek Finish

All ultra-modern kitchens have glossy, luxurious-looking surfaces. These surfaces include the kitchen cabinets, which can be easily streamlined with the kitchen’s design. For a perfect finish, make sure the kitchen island drawers and cupboards have matching colors and a shiny finish.

These kitchens also have a sleek floor and backsplash tiles. For a luxurious backsplash, you can install either marble or glass backsplash tiles instead of a wooden one, and match them with the floor tiles. Remember this is the most used space in any home, so make sure you purchase some durable tiles

Invest in a Beautiful Matte Cabinetry

Effortlessly sophisticated and sleek, the matte cabinetry can be a perfect addition to your beautiful modern kitchen. The matte countertops and cabinetry have been trending in the contemporary kitchen interiors since 2012. So instead of installing glossy kitchen units, why don’t you try some beautiful matte cabinetry? The matte surfaces are smooth, and they don’t reflect light like the glossy surfaces.

Black and Stainless Steel

New and trending appliances will come and go, but the fresh look produced by stainless steel will remain the same. So if you want to add a long-lasting change to your kitchen, install stainless steel finishes and appliances. You can blend the stainless steel finishes with black cabinets, countertops, and kitchen island’s drawers.