One of the things that makes most fall for marble tiles is their natural luster and lavish look. Yet, over time, this fades, requiring minimal upkeep. There are two types of cleaning to keep your tiles polished. 

First, remove stains by way of poultice. We cover that in steps 1-6.

Second, remove etch marks through polishing. We cover that in steps 7 – 11.

The Materials:

  • Ammonia 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Baking Soda 
  • A Cup 
  • A Paintbrush (Large)
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Water 
  • Marble Polishing Powder 
  • Clean, damp rag 

The Steps:

  1. Make the Poultice

    Make the poultice. Mix together baking soda and water in a glass cup or bowl. Add in the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Allow it to form a thick consistency. Make a larger amount for areas like floors with more stains. 

  2. Soap and Water

    Clean the stains first with soap and water. Dry, and then apply a light layer of water to the areas.

  3. Poultice

    Apply the poultice.

  4. Cover

    Cover the area with plastic wrap.

  5. Allow to Sit

    Allow to sit for about 2 days, until it’s hardened.

  6. Clean and Dry

    Remove the wrapping, dampen with water, clean the surface, and dry

  7. Move onto polishing

    As all steps, clean the area thoroughly first.

  8. Wipe

    Then, wipe the etched area with your damp rag.

  9. Sprinkle

    Sprinkle some of the marble polishing powder on top.

  10. Buff

    Follow the marble polishing powder instructions for buffing.

  11. Shine

    Once done, dry and reveal the shine.

That’s all for today. Hopefully you now have a clear vision on how to maintain the natural beauty of your marble tiles. Want to redesign or renovate using marble tiles?

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