When it comes to choosing a kitchen backsplash, it’s important to remember that it’ll be an extension of your overall design for years to come. For this reason, you should always make sure you love your design and that it will leave you content. Our suggestion? Infuse a piece of your personality into the tile you decide upon for it. This way, you’ll be able to always love it, since it is something true to you and not just a trend you happened upon on Pinterest. 

To help showcase that, we’ve rounded up kitchen tile backsplash looks that are not only a definite expression of personal taste but fit in with the overall space design, making them timeless.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, or starting from scratch and building a new home, the backsplash in your kitchen is an important decision that will tie the entire design of the space together. Whether you’re looking for a modern design, a wild pattern, or a bold color, here’s a wide array of kitchen backsplash ideas to help inspire.

Crisp As Can Be

White subway tile used simply but affectively in the kitchen

This is a true beauty that shows just how personal white subway tile can be. With a chic yet classic aesthetic, the backsplash will move through the changes this space goes through. We love the way that more natural elements like wood were added to the design to give it a more organic ambiance. 

What’s more, white subway tile in general has the ability to shine as a main component of a design or keep in the background as an addition to it. All that it really takes is using contrasting or complementary colors. If you place white subway tile in a space with dark elements, it will naturally pop. Alternatively, if it’s used in a more neutral space, it blends in. It has the ability to be modern, or traditional, just by shaking up the surrounding elements. For more backsplash inspiration like this, click here.

Featured Tile // Lancaster Bianco 3×12 | Design By // Sita Montgomery

Coastal Coolness

Marble tile in subway shape herringbone pattern used as kitchen backsplash

When West Coast meets modern, you get a certain cool aesthetic. Here it can be seen with the way the design plays off three contrasting materials — metal, wood, and marble. It creates a captivating contrast that evokes a feeling of individuality within the kitchen.

Marble tile in general is a great way to instantly elevate your design and can be used in every major area in the home. With its large range of color options it can become a central statement for guests. It can be found in greens, blues, grays and soft whites, so it really has no limitation in terms of design. Want to make natural stone even more beautiful? Find out its best material pairing.

Featured Tile // Monarch Winter Magic | Design By // Nest Design Studio Co.

Pattern Party

Encaustic & Cement Porcelain Tiles, patterned on kitchen wall

What do you get when you add a touch of encaustic to a modern farmhouse design? Magic. Or , at least, a magical appearance of personality at play. The use of a lighter tone encaustic tile breaks up the darker elements within the design.

The most wonderful thing about encaustic tile is its ability to provide a powerful punch of pattern in any space. Rather than using wallpaper that can stain or wear away, encaustic porcelain tile creates the same ambiance with way more durability. The result is a lasting element in your design that will wow guests for years to come.

Featured Tile // Bella Picasso Blanco | Design By // Mise En Place

Chevron Charades

Subway tile in herringbone pattern on kitchen wall

The most simple yet surefire way to create a design that is both timeless and personal is by use of the subway tile. Twist the pattern to your liking and you’ve created a kitchen backsplash look that will keep its relevance year after year.

With various lay pattern options, you can make a design that is fit-for-you. From classic off-set to a bit more complex basket weave, subway tile is far from boring. Learn about all the ways you can lay this type of tile today.

Design By // London Pierce

Dimensional Feels

Nabi Hexagon Arctic Blue Ceramic Tile used in kitchen

The use of a 3-Dimensional tile here adds a bit of life to the kitchen backsplash with its moderate touch of color. It creates a focal point within the design and is complemented by symmetrical floating shelves on either side.

Aside from its striking appearance, 3-Dimensional tile also breathes extra life into any design. It has the ability to create a transformative space in an easy way. Most of these tiles have to-the-touch textures or visibly noticeable lines that help to shape an area. All together, it makes for a great option to level-up design.

Featured Tile // Nabi Hexagon in Arctic Blue | Design By // Beachy Boheme

Bold Statements

Cadenza Nocturne Blue Clay kitchen backsplash with cocktail shaker and plants

The way the deep blue clay tile works against the neutral wall color in this kitchen-turned-bar area proves that tile can always add to an overall design. The subtle variations in shading against the rest of the space’s fixtures showcase an intrinsic uniqueness.

Handmade clay tiles are natural beauties that can add a significantly bold touch to any area. With their far-ranging color palettes and varying textures, they create a one-of-a-kind feeling.

Featured Tile // Cadenza Nocturne Blue Clay Tile | Design By // HQ Design Build

A Touch of Luxe

modern kitchen with kitchen island and flowers highlighting modern luxury tiles

This space exudes luxury with its marble and brass backsplash. Complementing the more delicate details of the design in the kitchen, it creates a massive statement for anyone who enters.

One of the best things about luxury tile is its ability to truly captivate. No matter the placement, it pops out and is instantly recognized for its beauty. Any marble and brass piece will give off this feeling, as shown above, but so will other types like glass tile.

Featured Tile // VZAG White Gold | Design By // She Gets It From Her Mama

Mighty Mosaics

modern kitchen with geometric tile backsplash

The beauty of mosaics and their ability to create a statement is shown in this transitional kitchen. The bold geometric style of the waterjet works well with the silver oven range and traditional white cabinetry.

Mosaic tiles offer myriad style ideas for any space thanks to their versatility and extensive option range. Whether you go with a traditional glass mosaic or a more luxurious stone mosaic, your results will be glorious.

Featured Tile // Labyrinth Marble Tile | Design By // Rebecca Ward

While these backsplash tile ideas are just a start, there are many other options to choose from. Achieve the look you want by exploring our wide selection of backsplash tiles available in many styles, colors, materials, and patterns.