A Better Tile Experience
Our Story

TileBar is an innovative industry leader changing the way consumers and trade customers shop for tile. As a national interior design resource, we stock more than 6,000 unique, ready-to-ship tiles for projects of any size or scope. We’re known for our competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. TileBar is driven by creativity and a passion for developing long-lasting relationships with both buyers and suppliers, consumers and trade partners. We inspire designers, builders, architects, and homeowners—and they inspire us.

Our Products
  • Curated Variety

    Our curated tile includes porcelain, ceramic, glass, terrazzo, handmade/handmade looks, pavers, and concrete looks. Our natural stone—including marble, limestone, and travertine—is sourced in quarries around the world. Our Luxury Vinyl Tile offerings feature wood-look planks; concrete-look and stone-look collections.
  • Exclusive Designer Collections

    Artistry. Innovation. Signature style. These are just a few of the reasons we collaborate with trend-forward leaders in the home design and interior architecture industries. The vision comes from designers like Stacy Garcia and Angela Harris, and artists like Elizabeth Sutton and Paula Purroy. We provide materials and manufacturing expertise. Together, we create one-of-a-kind collections, exclusive to us.

  • We Go to the Source

    How do we keep so many products in stock and ready to ship? We tirelessly scout, search, specify, dig, design, and develop—near and far. We curate. We strategically update our inventory all the time. We travel to Spain for unique decorative tiles, to Italy for its world-renowned marble, and to the coast of Turkey where Simena limestone is quarried. We source only the finest materials (our bar is very high) to offer the most in-demand styles, as well as the hidden gems we discover off the beaten path.

Coast-to-Coast Fulfillment
Optimized for Fast Shipping

A first-rate fulfillment operation—from inventory management and distribution to IT services—is essential in our industry. Exceptional customer service like ours demands it. We stock more than 6,000 products in our New Jersey and Arizona warehouses to speed delivery from a tile’s source to your home or worksite.

Our Team
Our Most Important Assets

It takes a lot of talented, hardworking, and creative people to bring TileBar to life; they’re a hallmark of our brand. Dedicated team members are paramount to our success, and they take pride in their work—from in-house sourcing and design to sales, fulfillment, and customer service. We work together with one mission: to give you a better tile experience.


Our Commitment

At TileBar we believe in preserving our planet for the generations to come, and we’re committed to sustainability in everything we do. We offer natural, durable products that are eco-friendly—from sourcing to manufacturing and beyond.

Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile last a very long time, so it saves resources over the life of an installation and diverts excess waste away from landfills. Many of our tiles are made of recycled materials such as recycled glass tiles, and our porcelain collections are among the most sustainable tiles you can buy.

Our Green Achievements

We give special treatment to green projects with environmentally friendly incentives; they move directly to the top of our In Box.

The building certification program known as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the global gold standard in green building rating systems.

We're committed to offering a wide selection of tiles that contribute to a building's LEED certification.

Our Principles at Home

We do business around this world we share, but we buy American whenever we can. Our US-based companies can be counted on for quality assurance, a low carbon footprint, the use of non-toxic materials, up-to-date manufacturing processes (including recycling), and shorter delivery times.

Plus, buying luxury tiles manufactured at home is not only environmentally responsible; it also helps support the U.S economy.