Why they work, where they work and how to incorporate the growing trend.

Vanessa DeLeon VZAG Watejet Backsplash wall example

Waterjet mosaics can be used in many aspects of your home’s design. Though, when it comes to understanding their purpose and use, you may be left with several questions. Have no fear, the answers are here. Read on and learn everything about large-scale waterjet mosaics below:

How are large scale waterjet mosaics made?

They are made with a Waterjet Machine that uses AutoCAD files as a design template.  With one or more heads streaming high-pressure water the machine can cut almost any material to the pattern or design uploaded, with precise curves and cuts that are otherwise impossible.

Why choose a large scale mosaic?

Short Answer: They are gorgeous!

Long Answer: These designs are seamless and interlocking; once installed, you can’t tell where they begin and end. They are the crown jewel in any design and add a WOW factor anywhere you want to make a statement.

Where should I put them?

Anywhere! You can use them to make a statement in any high-profile area — a feature wall or an entryway, in kitchens, bathrooms, or by the fireplace. The possibilities are endless!

Do they need more grout?

Nope! In fact, the rule of thumb for grout is that the smaller the pieces are the more grout lines you need to fill. Since these mosaics are made of larger pieces they cover more area and use less grout.

Can large scale mosaics be used on the shower floor?

A shower floor has a pitch so the water can run into the drain. In most cases the drain is towards the center of the shower, so the pitch runs from all four walls down towards that drain. In these cases, a large-scale mosaic is not recommended, as larger pieces of stone are likely to crack.

With a French or linear drain, however, the floor pitches almost completely to one side, so the pitch is smoother. In this case, it is possible to use a large-scale mosaic, but always consult with your contractor before making any decisions.

Are they more expensive or harder to install?

Because of the cutting-edge technology used to produce these waterjet mosaics, they can run a little higher on the price scale.

The sheets are designed to interlock seamlessly. However, if a pattern is more complicated it might take a little more time to see the full pattern and how it interlocks.  Make sure to lay several pieces before installing to determine the pattern, especially if the tiles are not square-shaped or have a different coverage than the average square foot sheet.

Is it worth putting a large scale mosaic in a small space? How do I do the tile justice?

Highland Blossom Marble Waterjet Tile Backsplash wall example

Of course! In a small space, like a backsplash or a powder room floor, the trick is to keep all the other design elements simple with clean lines so that the large scale mosaic can do its work. But to really do the tile justice, it needs lots of space and limelight — the bigger the better.

My choice of waterjet is the Matrix Trapezoid Marble And Brass Tile. It striking and has an Art Deco inspired feel!

Did we miss something you need to know? Comment below with any burning questions you may have left, and we’ll respond! Thanks for reading.

Written By: Adina S.