If you think white subway tiles are boring, it’s time to think again. They are not. This seemingly basic and classic color choice opens an excessive opportunity to create a space like no other. 

When it comes down to matching white subway tile to grout, the choice of color is key. Choosing the proper white subway tile grout color is the difference between making the tile a centerpiece to design or having it blend in with it. If you want the latter, you need to know which types work best. Luckily, we go through all the options available, so that you can easily make your decision.

5 Quick Steps To Choosing Your Grout:

Decide on your tiles. It’s important before you choose your grout, you choose your tile. Just like picking a paint color after choosing other design elements, it is key to cohesive results. 

Decide if you want the grout to blend in or stand out. Simple enough: Do you want something that contrasts with the white subway tile like a black grout, or blends in, like a light gray grout

Think about upkeep. Are you someone who’d rather not deal with regular grout maintenance? Then you’d be better off selecting a darker tone grout so that any splashes or spills go unnoticed. Also, consider upgrading your grout to a high-performance cementitious grout or resin-based grout.  These types have expert-level stain resistance and very low maintenance.  The two upgraded technologies work with any size grout joint.

Sanded Grout or Non-sanded Grout. Depending on the type of tile you choose, you’ll have to use either sanded or nonsanded grout. Know the correct one before you purchase the tile. 

Chic or Traditional. Figure out if you want to keep your design for years to come or crave a little design spontaneity. If you like timeless, try a classic grout color. If you like trendy, try colorful dimension grout (more on this type below). 

Keep It Neutral With White Grout 

Manchester Bianco 3x12 white subway tiles with non-standard grout for backsplash
Design By: Maddy Interior | Photo By: Tim Ouyang Design
Featured Tile: Manchester Bianco 3×12 | Featured Grout: Bostik White Non-Sanded Grout

The best part about white subway tiles is that if you want to keep the look classic, you can simply use a matching grout. The flexibility of grout color for white subway tile backsplash is pretty exquisite and if you crave a lighter space, white grout is a great starting point.  Subway tile with white grout not only creates a space that’s timeless but gives the feeling of lightness. Both things are great for a room that you don’t want to change up often, except maybe your furniture. 

Create Contrast With Black Grout or Gray Grout

Maybe you’d rather not make things blend together and you’d rather create a complementary contrast to your overall design. For that, you’d find any of the following combinations of white subway tile and grout a great match: 

Subway Tile Black Grout 

Off-set subway tile pattern in bathroom with black non-standard grout
Design By: KBR Design Build | Featured Grout: Bostik Char Black Non-Sanded Grout

Nothing beats the stark contrast of black grout with a white subway tile. It really allows the outline of the tile to be seen and when looked at in the grand scheme of the space, it pops. What’s more, if you’re using a subway tile that’s beveled, you’ll really see the dimensional feel at play which creates fluid movement for the eyes.  The other benefit to this type of grout? It hides splashes and stains more easily which makes upkeep a dream.

Subway Tile Gray Grout (or Light Gray Grout) 

Basic White 3x6 subway tile with contrasting grout for bathroom
Design By: Carolyn Leona Design | Shop Featured Tile: Basic White 3×6 | Shop Featured Grout: Bostik Misty Gray Non-Sanded Grout

If you want to create a pop but in a less drastic way than you would get with black grout, a light gray grout or medium gray grout is the way to go. It will also add a nice contrast against the white subway tile, but won’t be as punch-worthy. This is great for anyone who craves something a little different in their design. The perfect match for stepping out of your grout comfort zone. 

Subway Tile Dark Grout 

Let’s say you’re not into the dark, bold black look and gray just clashes with your overall design, there are a few other options you could consider.  For example, you can try out a subway tile with brown grout. A good, solid neutral that will work with spaces with wooden cabinetry or more neutral tones. 

Add Sparkle With Dimension Grout 

Drum roll please…Let us introduce you to a wild yet totally acceptable grout; dimension grout. 

Dimension grout creates a totally different and unique feel to any design. You can truly express your personality with it. Let’s say you’re creating a kids bathroom, you can use their favorite color as grout that will make them feel it’s their own. Or, maybe you’re designing a contemporary kitchen for yourself or a client, you can add a punch of color that will bring out the colors of the furniture or fixtures being used. 

The sheer versatility of dimension grout colors for white subway tile is a striking way to mix things up and put a twist on a classic style.

Wondering how to install subway tile backsplash? Read this blog post before starting.

Light Things Up Or Experiment With Color Grout

Manchester Bianco 3x12 subway tile with color grout
Shop Featured Tile: Manchester Bianco 3×12 | Shop Featured Grout: Jamoca Non-Sanded Grout

Similar to the above grout, there exists matte color grout. So, if you want the spark of some color without the pop of glitter, then you’re in luck; you can do that. 

White subway tile can get complimented by a rich, chocolate brown grout color to help bring out a sense of coziness in a farmhouse chic design. Or, you can bring in a light blue grout color to soften an otherwise gray, coastal design. 

No matter the choice, the results are sure to breathe life into your design. Color is powerful!

There you have it; the ways that white subway tile and grout can work together. Feel inspired? Browse our top selling white subway tile samples to get started! (5 for only $5 with free shipping!)