Look to the zodiac for your design inspiration.

When it comes to choosing a palette for your design, it can seem limitless. There are so many ways for you to go– clean, modern, rustic, farmhouse—it makes sense it can wind up leaving you jaded. But there is an easier way to go about defining the perfect feel for your abode, and that’s by looking to the stars. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign may be the key to discovering hidden elements to fuse into your overall design.


Komorebi Bonfire Tile
Loft Flame Penny Round Tile
Jungle Fuchsia Leopard Tile

You’re a risk-taker, who can’t be told what to do. For that reason, you may find that you have an accumulation of awards from various competitions you’ve participated in or a penchant for inspirational quotes that keep your mars-ruled sign motivated.

The ideal color for you to decorate with is none other than fiery red or hot pink. Not in excess – we’re sure you knew this since you’re classy – but brought in through small touches. Maybe a throw pillow, area rug, or as a statement backsplash. One tile that would be a match for you is the Komorebi Bonfire Glass Tile .


Victoria Pearl Thassos & Pearl Shell Tile
Mini Brick Oyster White Pearl Tile

Oyster White Pearl Illusion Tile

Oh, Taurus. If all the beauty in the world could be contained and placed in your home, it would be. You’d have your own silk factory in your backyard to fill your home with endlessly luxe sheets, curtains, and more. You can’t help this affiliation with aesthetically opulent items since you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty.

So, what are you to do? Incorporate pink, cream, and gold into your space. Use luxe pieces throughout to drive home the point you’re a magnet to beauty. You’d do well to have a sheepskin rug at the foot of your bed, or gold-threaded throw towels in your bathroom (yes, real gold). As for tile? A pearl backsplash like our Victoria Pearl Thassos & Pearl Shell Tile is just what your bullish sign ordered.


Arcade Black Andesite Mosaic Tile
Medoacus Nero 24×24 Sasso Porcelain Tile
Maverick Sky 3×8 Textured Mix Pillowed Ceramic Tile

Some people think your dual nature makes you unstable, well, that’s just not fair. Your twin sign makes you playful, cunning, and forever curious. You have an intellect unlike any other and can communicate with an empty room – in fact, you’d be happy to, you’d have its undivided attention. It’s okay, you can blame your ruling planet Mercury for your sick desire to talk, talk, talk.

Known for your supreme need to consume knowledge faster than a Kit Kat bar, you should have a color palette to match. Something light, flexible, and not too serious. Aim for lavender paired with orange, or pink combined with light green. The key is to bring out the duality in your sign while keeping up with your excitable mind. You’d do well with a multi-textural tile like Arcade Black Andesite Mosaic Tile.


Bayou Marine 3×12 Matte Ceramic Tile
Aruba Blue 5X10 Ceramic Wall Tile
Sacramento Teal 6×6 Matte Porcelain Tile

If a person could wear their home on their back like a turtle, it would be you Cancer. You’re a water sign ruled by the moon, so you are sentimental and enjoy keeping your memories on display throughout your space. We can’t blame you for getting teary-eyed each time you look over at your bookshelf to see a memento from a trip when you were 20–We get it, you have a lot of feelings.

So, what’s a sign full of homebody feels supposed to do? Use them to their advantage! Express your warm, nurturing side with ivory, blues, and silver. The perfect fusion of moon, and water for your sign. You can incorporate a sea-faring feel with a tile like Seaport Atlantic Tile.


Jungle Floral Equatoriale Aggressive 24×24 Porcelain Tile
Angela Harris Dunmore Sonata Décor 8×8 Ceramic Tile
Bella Uffizi 9×9 Porcelain Tile

Hold on, let us put our sunglasses on real quick. As the only zodiac sign ruled by the sun, you radiate with light. This planetary connection makes you not only a natural leader, but full of personality, and many see you as a balance between playful and classy. This combination makes you somewhat of a trend-setter.

Therefore, when it comes to home design, it would be smart to bring in bold accents that showcase your larger-than-life personality. Whether that be through a leopard accent rug, or a statement chandelier, it’s a must to be expressive. When it comes to tile, the funkier the better, let your wild side run with our Jungle Floral Equatoriale Aggressive Tile.


Talon Carrara & Thassos Marble Tile

Aruba Decor Aquamarine 5×10 Ceramic Wall Tile
Carrara Herringbone 1×3 Polished Mosaic Tile

Analytical and detail-oriented, we can’t think of a sign more perfect for a minimalist way of living. You are consistently decoding the smallest things- from what you said to a friend last week (don’t worry it was the right advice) to making sure you precisely measure every ingredient that goes into your own birthday cake. But that’s what makes you loved by friends, you never forget the small things.

So when it comes to your home, that same hawk-eye detailing should apply. Keep things neat and organized with a color-coded bookshelf or clean-cut filing cabinet. You should incorporate earth tone colors like beige or mocha. When it comes to tile choice? Try out something with precision like our Talon Carrara & Thassos Marble Chevron Tile – you’ll appreciate the organized lines.


Vilna Argenta Antique Mirror 3×6 Glass Tile
Remington Sepia Triangles Glass Mosaic Tile
Chantilly Lace Marble & Glass Tile

You are the sign of balance, fairness, and all that is feminine. This makes sense, being that like Taurus, you’re ruled by Venus. You’re a fan of style, value, and cleanliness. As the zodiac’s most artistic sign, it goes without saying that high tastes with personal touches are what you live for.

When it comes to a color palette, reflect your sign’s intrinsic need for stylish flair and choose light blues or airy pinks. Coat your walls in these colors or find small décor pieces to place on your vanity (you’re bound to have one). As for tile? Try something shimmery like our Vilna Argenta Antique Mirror 6×18 Glass Tile.


Nomad Kasbah Marble Mosaic Tile
Prism Grana Marble Mosaic Tile
VZAG Nero & Brass By Vanessa Deleon

You are a mystery, Scorpio. So much so, even your closest friends still don’t truly know you. Aside from keeping secrets like a pro, you are also the sign tied to money and power thanks to your ruling planet, Pluto. This means that you should treat your home as a sanctuary to retreat to after a long day and communicate your intrinsic intensity with a bold design.

Use neutral colors to make your defined furniture pop or red to showcase your more expressive, emboldened nature. You’ll want to have at least one writing nook to journal your feels, since power aside, you’re a water sign that has layers of emotions. For tile? Try out an over-sized waterjet like our Nomad Kasbah Marble Mosaic Tile. It screams boldness.


Cascais White Ornate 9×9 Matte Porcelain Tile
Bella Royale 9×9 Porcelain Tile
Norwalk Floor Deco Gray 8×8 Matte Porcelain Tile

If you’re not speaking your mind on something at the exact moment you’re thinking it, then you are most likely packing your bags and traveling. As a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, you can’t help but be a globe-trotter that is full of personality. Friends love that you tell them how it is, in a funny way, and that nothing can stand between you and personal growth.

Since you’re such a traveler, it’s likely you don’t really love being home. Yet, when you are, it should be a place of peace. For your walls, try out Indigo to bring a calming nature to your space. Decorate a wall with floating shelves that showcase pictures from trips, plane tickets, and cool little finds you grabbed along your travels. As for tile? An encaustic look porcelain like our Cascais White Ornate Tile is right up your alley with its cultural ambiance.


Renzo Grigio 12×24 Matte Porcelain Tile
Michael Habachy Barcode Medio White Carrara 8×8 Marble Tile
StackStone Steel Gray Ledger Panel Wall Tile

Between being someone who must have organization, or you’ll go crazy, to preferring to stay inside than go out, home is a place where work and relaxation meld together. You’re ruled by Saturn, the planet of order, so for you, there is no room for pieces that don’t serve you in your space. To friends you’re the go-to person for advice, thanks to your wiser-than-your-age mentality (this is why Capricorn is also known as the “Sage”).

So, what’s someone who’s both traditional, and an old soul to do with design? Bring in earthy tones like green, brown, and teal. You’ll also want a sturdy desk with color pop accents to cater to your need to always be working. The tile that would suit you is the Renzo Grafite 12×24 Matte 3-D Porcelain Tile, a bit of practicality mixed with an edge of personality.


Stellamar Nero Carrara Polished Marble Tile
Gatsby Gold Nero & Thassos With Brass Line Marble Tile
Bowery Allascala Polished Marble Mosaic

Playful as you are determined, you move to the rhythm of your own drum. After all, you’re ruled by Uranus and that means you have the urge for change, personal freedom, and a constant vision for the future. You’re the life of the party when you’re around close friends and family, stimulating conversation with insights on some topic you’ve become obsessed with.

You’re the unique one of the zodiac signs. This should be shown inside your home, pairing futuristic touches like metals or grays with playful accents in blue, violet, or salmon pink. As for tile? Try a bold marble look like the Stellamar Nero Carrara Polished Marble Tile.


Faber White 16×32 Matte Porcelain Tile
Sacramento Décor Ink 6×6 Matte Porcelain Tile
Norwalk Floor Deco Mix 8×8 Matte Porcelain Tile

Hello there, dreamy. When you’re not daydreaming up some creative idea storm, you’re most likely having a drink (okay, let’s be real, two) with a friend. You’re a water sign ruled by Neptune, which means that you’re not only highly intuitive but compassionate and idealistic. This makes you someone that can easily pick up on the emotions of others, and while that’s awesome for being a friend, it can really bog you down.

The solution for this? Make your home your sanctuary to recharge your Piscean batteries, so-to-speak. Decorate with green, violet, or aquamarine. Your fantasy-driven mind should have plenty of artwork in your home, and since you have impeccable taste, that won’t be hard to curate at all. As for tile? Try something like our Faber White 16×32 Matte Porcelain Tile; Its artsy appearance and calming color hits all the stops.

What do you think? Does what your sign say reflect the type of design you’d normally be drawn to? Comment below and tell us!