While there are many amazing aspects within the world of tile, one of our favorites is the immense selection of types available. From standard square and rectangular looks to more intricate, unique ones, there is something for everyone. Such is the case with pattern and shape tiles. Made from a variety of materials, they have one thing in common: natural beauty and playful expressions.

Today, we’ve rounded up some brand favorites across our shape and pattern tile offerings. Our hope is to leave you with a touch of inspiration for when you embark on choosing your tile.


Patterns are a great way to inject a sense of movement within your design. With their fluid lines, they create a dimensional touch whether they’re placed on walls or floors. The result is a breath-taking design that creates a sense of amazement for years to come. Explore the top patterned tile types below.

Basket Weave

Beautiful marble tile in a basket weave pattern on bathroom wall

Basket Weave is a transitional pattern that can either evoke a modern or traditional feeling. The way it translates is completely up to the surrounding design. Take for instance our Esplanade French Linen Marble Tile. The marble composition makes it elevated and sophisticated, while the basket weave pattern creates a timeless look. 


Shiny, pearl wall tile in a herringbone pattern on kitchen wall

Herringbone is one of the more classic patterns of tile. It is known for its ability to create movement in a design. With its flexibility in colors and style, it can fit nearly any design. Plus, you can find this pattern in almost all bodies of tile, from glass to porcelain to natural stone. Take for instance our Oyster White Pearl Herringbone Tile. This beautiful, shell herringbone offers a ton of sparkle and class for a bathroom backsplash or kitchen. 


A bold blue and black chevron tile pattern on a bathroom wall

Indisputably one of the most fun patterns of tile, chevron brings a wave-like appearance to walls or floors. This makes it eye-captivating a timeless favorite. Our Aruba Decor Aquamarine Ceramic Wall Tile showcases the beauty of this pattern with its bold, multi-colored appearance. 

Explore even more patterns that can be made with tile here.


Now that we’ve covered patterns and their unique characteristics, let’s hop over to shapes. Adding some geometry into your design is a way to instantly elevate it. Below, we’ve listed our top tiles for each prominent shape.


Shiny, polished white hexagon tile on kitchen wall with teapot and cups

While the debate on whether elongated hexagons or normal hexagons are best in interior design, we’re here to showcase their undeniably eye-catching beauty and ability to create a stunning, modern ambiance in any space. On spotlight is our Exagoni Stive Perla Matte Ceramic Tile. The 3-dimensional body of the tile adds to its hexagonal shape, creating depth to the area its placed.


Copper diamond mosaic tile on bathroom wall with sink, towel, and toiletries

Similar to hexagon, but slightly more chic, the diamond shaped tiles create a sophisticated atmosphere. Reminiscent of the most renowned jewel of all, it instantaneously adds a touch of class to any space. Our Nabi Jewel Mosaic in Copper is a great example of just how intrinsically captivating the diamond shape can be with its metallic body.


Aquamarine arabesque tile on the floor with antiqued soap pump and chevron towel

With a bit more of a free-spirited feel, the arabesque shape (also known as the lantern shape) tile is one that is both timeless and eclectic. The body of the tile is not only unique but creates an intrinsic sense of movement thanks to its curved frame. Our Cavallo Fiji Arabesque Porcelain Tile is a prime example of this style of tile. Its beautiful, blue coloring matches the aesthetic of the tile.

There are so many other amazing pattern and shape tiles available, we couldn’t list them all! To view the extensive selection that we offer, click below and get your browse on. Don’t forget, if you like something, we offer 5 samples for $5 with free shipping so you can see it in person.

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