What does “American” design mean in the 21st Century? From traditional colonial style with British influences to the bold and gritty industrial style of New York City. From the glitz and glam of Art Deco to the refined serenity of Mid-Century Modern Design. The truth is, the United States is bigger and more diverse than ever before. Different places have different styles, and the definition of American design keeps expanding with its culture.

But there is one thing that truly defined American design greatness: craftsmanship. American manufacturing shapes the local world of design from within, with industry-leading quality, an emphasis on sustainability, and innovation. TileBar is proud to offer a large collection of American-made luxury tile, featuring products that push the envelope and lead the industry with innovation. Here are a few ways you can bring American design staples into your project, using American-made luxury tiles.

Classic and Refined

Grand entryways, marble columns, vast stone halls – traditional American design features classic European influences, showcasing some 18th and 19th-century Neoclassic décor. Traditional American design celebrates the rich history of the past and juxtaposes it with sleek and sophisticated iterations of age-old classics.

Anchoring its aesthetic around marble and stone, classic and traditional American design is all about making a statement of elegance. The American-made TileBarXL Marmi Collection, for example, features innovative slim porcelain slabs which mirror natural patterns of marble. The result is an impressive and bold visual, combining cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design.

Traditional design isn’t only made for the interior: European-style terraces transformed into relaxed and impressive outdoor spaces in classic American design, using various natural stones to tile backyards, gardens, or poolside areas. TileBar’s Paleo Pavers Collection recreates this classic aesthetic in porcelain, featuring paver tiles thick and durable enough to endure any outdoor environment while remaining sleek and elegant.

Industrial Urbanism

Exposed piping, unpolished large brick walls, stripped wood, and concrete floors – if someone told the European style architects and designers of the 19th Century these were the characteristics of one of the most popular styles in the world of design they would likely be confused. However, Industrial design décor has become the top choice for high-end and sophisticated spaces in the last few decades, and it is every bit as thought out and meticulous as its Classical ancestors.

Defined by a raw, unfinished, and urban aesthetic, industrial-style décor uses a mix of materials, such as wood, concrete, and metal, to create an eclectic, fuss-free design.

This unique approach to design didn’t come out of the blue: industrial style is rooted in the 1960s and ’70s in one of America’s most stylish cities – New York. Artists looking for affordable studio spaces found a home in unused industrial warehouses and old factories located in Soho and the Lower East Side, turning these neighborhoods into trendy hubs of creative expressions, and these reclaimed spaces to the setting of choice for these creative innovators.

Industrial style décor has since been refined, adapted to lived-in spaces, and became increasingly popular. Thanks to advanced manufacturing methods and technology, it is easier than ever to achieve the unique look of industrial décor, and no one does it better than American manufacturers.

Always dreamt of a New York-style brick wall in your living room? TileBar’s USA-made Rugged Stacked Collection offers a series of porcelain stone-look veneers that can bring an edgy look to your home at an affordable price and a refined finish. For a concrete look visual with a strong urban sensibility, see the Bronx Collection, inspired by the thrilling streets of the city. If you’re looking for a bold statement, try the Linden Collection: this line of wood look tiles offers unique colorways for an industrial design.

Modern Rustic

Influenced by multiple styles and cultures, modern American rustic décor is an eclectic story of textures, colors, and materials. Combining the clean and simple lines of modern décor with the outdoor-inspired sensibility of rustic style, modern rustic décor exudes a relaxed, lived-in feeling with a unique polished finish.

Some of the main features of a modern rustic space are raw wood and stone, using either the original structure of the space or through décor elements. Tiles such as TileBar’s American-made Oakley Tile provide a warm and charming wood look using porcelain. With advanced printing technology, these unique tiles achieve a refined rustic look of wood with lower maintenance and cost.

You cannot talk about rustic décor without talking about outdoor spaces: inspired by nature, modern rustic style is ideal for creating charming and relaxed outdoor spaces, whether it’s a cabin in the woods or a charming cottage. The Trail and Paleo Collections mimic stone pavers in amazing accuracy, recreating a quaint stone look with a sleek finish and supreme durability.

Eclectic. Innovative. American-Made.

Refined, natural, and more than anything – eclectic, American-made luxury design is uniquely diverse, allowing anyone to find their own personal style and express their aesthetic. There is no innovation like American innovation, and when it comes to tiles: this diverse design sensibility fuses with ingenuity and great manufacturing to create one-of-a-kind products in both form and function.