2023 Tile Trends

Staying on top of trends can be tiring. In the tile industry, design shifts happen at a slow, steady, and reliable pace. That said, there’s always some movement going on. So, we asked our experts—including designers, architects, and builders— to tell us where they see tile headed this year.
Here’s what they had to say:

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    See it, feel it, layer it

    Texture imbues a room with depth, dimension, and visual interest. In tile, texture can be real, simulated, abstract—or even imagined. Use texture to layer a space of any size in any number of ways. Opt for big dimensionality, small/intricate dimensionality, subtle micro texturing and crackled, or finishes that create optical illusions. The textural vision is yours.

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    Feel good inside and out

    Wellness is still leading the way in all facets of design and architecture—with good reason. By incorporating organic and sustainable materials and biophilic design into the built environment, we honor nature, respect the planet, and promote our own well-being. Choose natural stone, eco-friendly vinyl flooring, recycled materials, and tile inspired by the forms and materials found in nature.

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    Warm up to earth tones

    It can be cold out there. Warm colors call to mind sunshine and fire, so we find them inviting and intimate. Warm, elemental earth tones can also make us feel both safe and spirited. It’s no wonder we’re leaning toward warmer palettes—think shades of red and orange, yellow and gold, and even deep gray and taupe. Earthy hues can literally lift our mood as well as elevate our rooms.

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    Everything old is new again

    No matter what you’ve heard, our insiders tell us that the demise of some period styles (Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern, to name two) has been greatly exaggerated. We’re finding the same is true of open-concept floorplans, wood looks, checkerboard tiles, and all white kitchens. So, is it safe to say that some design “trends” play on a continuous loop? We think so; take a look.

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    Shop Style Revival

    BIG & BOLD

    Fearless formats and patterns

    We may be feeling braver in a post-pandemic world, or perhaps we’re just tired of subtlety, but shy-and-retiring design is headed for the door. While we’re on the fence over maximalism (still not loving clutter), we are favoring scene-stealing surfaces—from floors and walls to ceilings and countertops. Size matters and so does style: Think porcelain slabs, large format tiles, bold mosaics, and gutsy patterns.


    Standing the test of time

    As trends, micro-trends, fads, and fancies come and go, one thing we know for sure is that some things are classics, simply here to stay. Appearing on wish lists year after year, these include timeless materials (marble, terrazzo); shapes (octagons, hexagons); patterns (chevron and herringbone); and lasting looks (limestone, travertine). We call them our curated essentials.

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