When you are thinking about renovating your kitchen for a fresh new look, it is inevitable that you will search online for the latest kitchen trends. As you scroll through the overwhelming amount of kitchen ideas, the first thing that will most likely catch your eye is the backsplash. With most kitchen cabinet and countertop options falling into a more neutral category, your kitchen backsplash can easily become the centerpiece of your kitchen and your favorite design element in your space. Whether it is with color, texture, or style, you can take a plain kitchen and turn it into a designer’s dream with the right tile. Let’s take a look at five popular backsplash ideas that will have you on the right track to selecting the perfect fit for your kitchen project.

Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tile is one of the most popular options for your backsplash. Originally just offered in a white subway tile, this category has grown to include multiple colors and finishes while staying true to its long rectangular shape. This shape allows for these tiles to be installed in a number of patterns like a brick, ashlar, stacked, or herringbone, without losing its classic styling and ability to fit into almost any décor. Classic subway tiles are also finding new life with the latest color trends making their way into these collections. While white, black, and gray kitchen tiles will never go out of style, a bevy of fresh colors like teal and coral pink are finding a new home in the classic brick tile backsplash.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass backsplash tile is the perfect way to add a shimmering touch to your kitchen. Using a glass tile on a kitchen backsplash adds both depth and dimension and can even reflect light back into your space, making your room appear brighter. Many glass tile mosaics also have a polished finish that is easy to keep clean, which is an absolute necessity when you are cooking every day. Another great feature of glass tile is the incredible array of colors and transparencies that are available. Combine this with an amazing variety of shapes and you can easily achieve a customized look without the price tag. Interested in finding the perfect glass tile for your kitchen?

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White Marble Tile Backsplash

If you are looking for a timeless backsplash that will never go out of style, white marble is always a great option. A white marble backsplash can take on many forms, including shape and finish, but the one thing that they all have in common is the clean look and versatility. You can use a white marble with most cabinet and countertop finishes without worry and it is a popular choice for resell value and interest. White is also style neutral so you can rest assured that you can change your paint color or accessories around a marble tile backsplash as many times as you like without the hassle and cost of changing your backsplash.

Colorful Tile Backsplash

Color is one of the perfect ways to create drama and excitement in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Whether you are using your signature color or just wanting to make a statement, even the simplest tiles can turn into a stunning design with the right color. You also don’t have to stay with just one colorway. You can create a beautiful look with multiple shades of a single color or even be more daring with multiple different colors. If you are using just a single color, a great way to add interest is to select a unique shape. This can add texture and interest to an otherwise monochromatic wall and tie in other shapes and geometries in your kitchen design. Find out more about choosing a colorful tile with “How to Choose Colorful Tiles to Make a Statement”.

Peel & Stick Tile Backsplash

A different approach to a traditional tile is a Peel & Stick kitchen backsplash. This is a great option if you are thinking of installing yourself since it removes a number of steps that are traditionally required. New technologies have really advanced the look and feel of Peel & Stick options, including the use of real materials and cutting-edge printing technologies which result in a mosaic tile that not only looks amazing but also has the same feel as a traditional tile. Many Peel & Stick backsplash options also come with a seamless installation that doesn’t require grout which is a perfect option for the beginning tile installer. Interested in learning more about this product that is perfect for that DIY kitchen project? Check out, “The Next Step in Peel & Stick Tiles”.