Since 2000, Pantone has been releasing one iconic color at a time. This year, as we enter a new decade, the color chosen is Classic Blue. A deep, traditional blue hue that is a mix of tradition and bold. 

If you’re wondering why this color was chosen, what it means, and how to use it in your next design, we have you covered. Take a chance to browse the below post and get in the loop on a color you’re sure to see it around within the next 12 months!

What Does The Color Stand For?

The color chosen this year stands for connection, serenity, and calmness. According to the Pantone website, the color is meant to evoke “a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Aiding concentration and bringing laser like clarity, Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts.”

How Can You Use It In Your Design?

The Classic Blue color can be used in a variety of ways; let’s go through them. 

If you’re building out a living room, you can use the color as an accent wall to create a focal point. Or, alternatively, create a tiled rug in the center and place a coffee table atop it.

If you’re trying to redesign your kitchen, the easiest (and prettiest!) way to do add Classic Blue in is with your backsplash. You can then complement it with different contrasting color decor accents to make the space come alive. Or, monochromatic never hurt either!

Lastly, if you want to make your bathroom a stand-out in 2020, try mixing together two different types of Classic Blue tile. Choose an artistic style for the backsplash/shower walls and then a mosaic for the floors. It’ll scream “on trend” but also last way past this year, since it is a classic blue after all.

Tile Options Available With Classic Blue:

Here at TileBar, we have a plethora of classic blue tiles that can suit your 2020 Pantone-loving dreams. Have a little browse below and learn about the ones available! And if you want to get even more on trend, check out what tile styles are going to be huge in 2020 here.

The Ombre Classic Blue

An earthy ombre metallic porcelain floor tile. Plants. Rug.

If you want to shake things up and not do entirely all one shade of blue, aim for a tile that has a natural ombre. The Angela Harris Dunmore Blu is a beautiful example of this with its natural shading and slight metallic body.

The Classy Classic Blue

Gorgeous blue glass backsplash in ktichen.

Why not combine two classics together? Shown here is the Komerebi Athens Blue Glass Tile. It has the deep, rich hue that will be on trend this year while adding a dimensional feel to your space thanks to the reflection of the glass.

The Artsy Classic Blue

Beautiful stone look porcelain tile in a striking blue with dark veining against a living room wall.

Yet another twist on this year’s color, the Eero Azul Bahia Porcelain Tile brings in a motley of color thanks to its veining. The base color will give you that classic feel, while the darker blue veining with subtle highlights will add something unique to the mix.

The Organic Classic Blue

A deep blue clay tile with open shelving and brass support

Okay, now here’s a real looker for Classic Blue tastes. The Cadenza Nocturne Blue Tile is a clay body piece. It has a surface texture like no other, thanks to small air pockets throughout the tile. It gives a truly individualized style to any design while adding a more organic touch to it.

The Mediterranean Classic Blue

Worn-In Encaustic Look Porcelain Tile with rainboots

Want a space with some charm? Luckily for you, that’s exactly what the Lennox Charm Tile does. This encaustic-look porcelain tile breathes a bit of a Mediterranean feel into a space while hitting the classic blue spot.

The Geo-Chic Classic Blue

Blue patterned tile on floor with knitted stool

A decorative touch never hurt anyone’s design, right? Such is proof with the Norwalk Floor Deco Blue tile. With its unique shading and circular pattern, it gives both depth and added curiosity to a space.

There it is, folks, the Pantone color and its applications! If you enjoyed the read, why not shop our full range of Blue Tiles.