Designing for a commercial space? Let us walk you through the top 5 commercial tiles for walls and floors so you can design, seamlessly and stress-free.

5 Commercial Tile Flooring and Wall Options 

When it comes to commercial floor tile, the most important thing you need to consider is durability. This floor will see high levels or traffic and even rolling loads, so it’s key to pick a tile that can maintain this over its lifetime. Here are our 5 commercial tiles recommendations. 

TileBar LVT:

We realized a need for premium luxury vinyl flooring that is as stylish as it is sturdy. Because of this, we’ve taken the best features of vinyl tile and designed the TileBar LVT line to cater to heavy rolling loads in commercial spaces. Our vinyl flooring has a 10-year warranty and glue-down or click-in installation options available to meet your application needs. It’s one of the most suitable and durable options to consider for commercial flooring in any project, be it a hospital or a hotel lobby. 

Our first collection, Katone, has beautiful, natural material options. From stone to wood this collection will cater to any design.


Unlike TileBarLVT our large format porcelain tiles can work well for both walls and floors. These gorgeous, marble look porcelains instantaneously heighten any space’s design, giving it an air of sophistication. 

With TileBarXL, you’ll enjoy fewer grout lines and the beauty of stone without the cost or maintenance.

Dress up floors, walls, countertops, exteriors  and more with our full range of sizes. A perfect commercial tiles option.

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Medoacus Collection: 

The versatility and natural beauty that is our Medoacus Collection will not go unnoticed in any space you place it. This through-body, double-loaded porcelain tile is as durable as can be. 

It craves any space that  requires an organic feel and can work just as well for an outdoor dining area as it can on the walls in a restaurant’s bathroom. 

If you’re seeking something fresh, trendy, and textured, this collection is the ultimate must-have.

Rushmore Collection: 

Invoke the essence of natural stone into your next commercial project with the ever-gorgeous Rushmore Collection. 

The beauty of this extremely durable porcelain tile range is that it includes large format options and much-loved pavers, which together, create endless choices.

If you’re looking to add a sense of organic movement to an outdoor event space, pavers are not only durable, but easy to maintain and clean. 

If you’d like to heighten the floors or walls in a commercial bathroom, Rushmore’s large format options work well. For example, you can use Rushmore Park 12×24 on the walls and Rushmore Park 24×24 on the floors. Your design will be cohesive and maintenance will be limited.

Kenridge Collection: 

The last of the 5 commercial tile options we have for you is the unique Kenridge Collection. These stunning wood look porcelains come in large format sizes and are durable enough to be used both indoors as well as outdoors for commercial spaces. 

If you’re seeking a sense of textural movement, then you’ll love the Kenridge Ribbon Gray or Kenridge Ribbon Maple tiles. With a beaded body, they create a fabulous focal point on the facade of a building or as an accent wall. 

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