For any person in the interior design industry, it’s important to become familiar with trade programs. These are professional programs created by brands within the industry that offer support, and special offers to do your job in the best way possible. Today we review the 3 ways to benefit from a tile trade program specifically.

Dedicated Support.

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Support is by far the most important benefit you will get from participating in a tile trade program. Unlike some design sectors, such-as furniture, tiles are technical and can require some background knowledge to make sure that everything is set according to plan. A tile trade program offers you the chance to be assigned a tile rep (or, at least our program does). 

Our trade reps are experts in the field, and can help you with everything you need; Sourcing the right tile, making sure the measurements for your project are correct, and tracking the tile to make sure it arrives on time. They follow through with you until after your client project is complete, ensuring that if any tiles were damaged, you get a replacement ASAP.

Receive Special Incentives.

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One of the exciting things about being a part of a tile trade program is that it treats you as a VIP customer. You’re given a first look at new product launches, so you can offer your clients the latest in designs, keeping ahead of the tile industry trends. Additionally, you’re able to access exclusive volume and project pricing, which isn’t available to the general public. This is great if you’re working on a hotel or restaurant project and need an excessive amount of one tile.

Enjoy Complimentary Products. 

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Aside from catering to your specific needs, a tile trade program also allows access to some complementary items with your membership. For us, this means getting free samples and architectural binders to your door. This helps to see and discuss a tile or a collection in person with clients.  

While these are the top ways a tile trade program can benefit you, we promise, it can offer so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about our trade program, apply to find out more today.

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