When it comes to kitchen floor design, the options for styling are endless. Do you want a more modern look? Maybe, rustic and chic? The questions can seem overwhelming at first and narrowing it down to that “one design” may take more effort than you’d think.

Yet, with some careful research and planning, your decision can be made a lot easier.

Enter: Today’s post. We seek to cover all things kitchen floor design. From commonly overlooked steps in the design process to 3 dazzling kitchen floors that will inspire, you will walk away full of hope and ready to conquer your project.

First things, first. Let’s chat about the major things you need to keep in mind while putting together a kitchen.

1. Overall Design

The first thing to do is pick an overall design. For most of you, this will be the part of the process which is a lot of fun. The reason why? You can let your imagination run rampant, and at this point, you’re in the early stages of creating your design so excitement is high, and stress is low. While we’ll provide myriad design schemes that can be used with pictures of kitchens that will inspire you, let’s go over a few of the main styles for you now.

  • Traditional: This style is rooted in deep color palettes, darker wood finishes, and what we consider ornate detailing – think rich velvety ottomans or stained-glass windows.
  • Modern: This is the most common design palette, and one that can be seen in those white kitchens you repined on Pinterest. It’s defined by sleek finishes, openness, and simplistic detailing.
  • Industrial: Think urban loft in a hip area of a metropolitan area, and you will have industrial. This style is encompassed by an “unfinished look” and has grittier details. Most commonly used elements are metal or unfinished wood.
  • Farmhouse: This is a trending style in the design world, and one that has made way for a sub-type, Modern Farmhouse. It has an overall clean aesthetic likened to modern design but uses natural texturing from light wood to warm the space up and keeps an earthy color tone.

2. Keep Messes in Mind

Another main point of focus should go to messes. If you live in a home with kids, or you’re someone who gets really into cooking with splashes being more than occasional, it probably won’t suit you to spend money on real marble. Stone is an amazing tile for your kitchen floor, only if you have the time for upkeep – sealing and resealing as needed. It is prone to staining if it’s not well maintained. In that case, you would be better fitted for a marble-look porcelain (or porcelain in general) which is durable and low maintenance.

3. Cabinetry / Counter-tops

The third and final step to have in the back of your mind when designing a kitchen is the cabinetry and counter-tops that will be used. You don’t want things mismatching, right? To do this, you can simply figure out the finish and material for each of the two then compare tile samples against them to see how things are working out.  

3 Inspiring Kitchen Floor Tile Examples

Coptic Black & White Porcelain And Marble Tile

Coptical Illusions.

Create a captivating space with a statement tile like our Coptic Black & White Porcelain And Marble Tile.

Design: Sweeten Home

Black and white bestile modena patterned tiles in kitchen

Power in Patterns.

Get out of tradition and into artistically chic with a palette that crosses the bounds of normal for kitchen like this one from Sweeten.

Small kitchen floor tile idea: Use a pattern to make the space appear larger than it is!

Modern brazilian tiger blue tiles used in kitchen

Modern Views.

Break tradition and welcome a bold, wood-look porcelain into your kitchen design like with our Brazilian Tiger Blue Tile.

Design By: Inspirational Design

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