When it comes to renovations, we understand that there’s a time and money commitment at stake. It’s not something that is taken lightly and isn’t something that should be rushed (or done amateurishly).

To help guide you and help provide some insights on common renovation questions, we’ve enlisted the help of Sweeten. Sweeten is a NYC-based company that connects people with top contractors to product outstanding renovation results.

Here’s some tips from their General Manager, Christine.

Develop A Well-Thought Out List.

Create a “must-have” and a “nice-to-have” list. Your “must-have” list should be comprised of things you have to do — like update your electrical panel — and items you’re not willing to give up; such as, a statement-making floor tile for your bath like a classic penny tile. Your “nice-to-have” list includes things you want, but that you would be willing to cut if necessary, to keep the budget and timeline on target.

To Replace or Reimagine? That Is The Question.

Another thing to consider before you start planning your renovation is whether you want to “rip-and-replace” or “reimagine”. “Rip-and-Replace” w involves just changing out the cabinets/appliances, but keeping the layout the same. “Reimagine” means rethinking the entire space and possibly knocking down walls or moving plumbing. Typically, a “reimagine” renovation takes more time and money; you’ll need to hire an architect to create plans then submit them for approval. When “rip-and-replace” a space with new cabinets, hardware, and tiles, you don’t necessarily need a design professional, but you’ll want to hire a general contractor to handle demolition and installation.

Find Your Renovation Soulmate.

When you’re looking for a general contractor for your project, be sure to interview three to five. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find someone who matches your communication and work style, but that’s equally as excited about the project as you are.

There you have it, 3 insightful tips to help you turn out the renovation of your dreams. Comment below with your own tips, we’d love to hear them!

Sweeten is a free service that matches people with major renovation projects to the best general contractors, offering personal support until the job is done.