When the subway tile was first used in NYC’s underground subway stations in the early 1900s, it became an immediate classic. More than a century later, these basic, affordable, resilient, and easy-to-maintain are more popular than ever – decorating bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more.

However, the classic white ceramic subway tile has been going through design evolution in recent years. The original 3” x 6” size is not the only option anymore, with formats such as 1” x 2”, or 4” x 8” mimicking the original proportions while offering a new twist. Materials such as natural stone, glass, and porcelain offer stylish alternatives to the classic ceramic tile, and a vibrant range of colors introduces a modern pop to the everlasting trends.

When it comes to colored subway tile, one of the trendiest shades of the season is blue. From bold Lapis and serene denim to elegant navy, blue tile are both impactful and versatile. Blue subway tile are a great way to add a modern twist to a classic, creating a fresh look that will never go out of style. Here are a few design ideas using blue subway tile to get you inspired for your next project.


Portmore Sky 3x8 Glazed Ceramic blue subway Tile
Portmore Sky Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Setting off an easy-breezy and relaxed feel, light blue subway tile can create a perfect coastal style design in any space. Whether you live by the sea or miles away from the nearest beach, incorporating watery hues in a backsplash, shower wall, bathroom, or any other element in your space can instantly give it a cool, coastal vibe.

To add a warmer and cozy tone to a coastal look design, try blue subway tile with a more rustic, artisanal feel. Combining water-inspired tones with unique textures, finishes, and shade variations, creates a beautiful fusion of coastal design with modern rustic style.

A Royal Affair

Castle Blue Denim 3x12 Ceramic blue Subway Wall Tile, Polished
Castle Blue Denim Ceramic Subway Wall Tile

Vivid shades of blue such as cobalt, navy, or lapis provide an elegant and bold look without losing blue’s innate serenity. A bold blue subway tile backsplash, feature wall, or accents, can provide a splash of color that instantly becomes an impressive focal point in the space, without overpowering it. Paired with unique finishes and materials such as glass, the effect is even stronger, creating an exquisite visual designed to impress.

Adding a subtle texture to a bold blue subway tile can take the look even further. Glossy glazes, patterns or shade variations create a layered visual, adding depth and dimension into space.

Rest. Relax. Repeat.

Carolina Blue Sky 2x20 Polished Ceramic Wall Tile
Carolina Blue Sky Polished Ceramic Wall Tile

Studies have shown that calm and gentle hues of blue have a tremendous power to manage stress. With the ability to calm the mind, slow down heart rate, and lower blood pressure, it is no surprise then, that this soothing shade is often used in spa rooms, resorts, and other spaces designed for relaxation. Bring that same energy to your home with blue subway tile that mimics the spa aesthetic using stained glass, translucent colors, and serene tones.

And creating that spa-like design doesn’t mean you have to go for plain, solid color tile. Materials such as glass bring freshness and luminosity, and are a great choice for water-heavy spaces such as showers or pools.

Shape Things Up

Vector Reverb Azul 4x8 Polished Ceramic Wall Tile
Vector Reverb AzulPolished Ceramic Wall Tile

Looking to get even more creative with your blue subway tile design? Think outside the box – literally. Combining vibrant blue shades with new and exciting shapes such as hexagons, 3D subway tiles, and printed textures brings an exciting twist to the classic while still keeping the balanced composition of the subway format.

Most commonly used for kitchen backsplashes, these unique and playful tiles create a bold focal point, while adding depth and texture to space. The result brings instant style and chic to any room.

Always In Style

If you’re looking to incorporate one of the trendiest colors of 2022 in your design, try blue subway tiles. Combining the timelessness of the subway format with the design versatility of blue, you can explore countless possibilities and create a modern design that will never go out of style.