There are certain movies that have a way of teaching us something, whether we are ready for it or not. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was one such movie where we all expected Meryl Streep to be amazing and see pretty fashion, but it turned out to be a fabulous lesson about the world of design. We watched as Anne Hathaway’s character, Andy, lands a coveted job at a Vogue-esque magazine and soon realizes that she has greatly underestimated the role that fashion plays, and the role of those creating the fashions, in everyday people’s lives. She is immediately schooled about her “bargain bin” sweater having roots in an Oscar de la Renta runway, and there we see how the fashion we wear and talk about was not decided by us, but rather by the designers who are constantly striving to create the next great trend.

This world of fashion that influences our lives doesn’t just stop at the clothes we wear but is also a large part of the spaces in which we work, live, and play. Many of the colors we choose, the furniture we buy, and the tile we love are carefully curated by interior designers and artists who are the style makers and trend setters of your own home.

Interview with Tilebar Chief of Brand, Erica Puccio

So how does the world of high-end art and design find its way to you? We sat down with TileBar’s Chief of Brand, Erica Puccio, to discuss how a great collaboration equals great tile and the road to achieving the perfect balance between following a trend and creating one.

Tileist: TileBar has some amazing collaborations with well-known designers. How did this come about?

Erica: TileBar has always worked very hard to stay ahead of the game when it comes to what will be trending not just today, but in six months or a year from now. We recognize that in order to build beautiful spaces, the products that you put into them need to be researched and developed, and part of that includes going out into the design community – to the source of design – and tapping into their resources and inspiration. We then work together to create something more than if we were working apart.

Tileist: How do you choose the artists and designers that work with TileBar?

Erica: It is important for us to collaborate with designers who are at the forefront of trends and who have a unique view of the world of design that people gravitate towards. If they are drawn to their design, then they will also be drawn to our tile collections that we create together.

Tileist: How does a collaboration work for both TileBar and the artist/designer?

Erica: We go on a journey together to not just create a new tile collection, but explore what is relevant in design and what is missing that we need to provide. It is filling that need that brings out the passion and excitement from all of us to create something new for the world.

Tileist: What is the best thing to come from the designer collaborations at TileBar?

Erica: TileBar is unique in that we have a direct connection with our customers. Whether it is an interior designer, architect, contractor, or homeowner, we know that people are counting on us to be a resource for not just tile, but tile that they love and that elevates their spaces to something special. Our designer collaborations help provide that inspiration and connection and we can’t wait to reveal what’s next.

Thank you, Erica, for the great insight! Let’s explore some of these amazing artists and designers who inspire, promote, and celebrate design with their trend-setting tile collections from TileBar.

Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia has created a design empire by following her philosophy of transcending ordinary design and embracing a personalized style. A product pioneer in the design industry, her collections of tile, textiles, and beyond find a home in both the residential and commercial worlds where her influence and brand continues to grow.

Elizabeth Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton is a New York-based artist who has exploded onto the art scene in the past few years with design and influences spanning multiple industries and media. With her talent, humor, and unapologetic approach to living life and making art, she is uplifting herself and others to become the best version of themselves.

Krista Watterworth

Krista Watterworth is a well-known celebrity interior designer who has been featured on multiple television shows for HGTV and the DIY Network. Her highly sought-after design studio, Krista + Home, shows off her signature style where the Palm Beach-inspired relaxed luxury meets a functional and livable spirit.

Angela Harris

Angela Harris is an award-winning designer and product developer. As Principal & CEO of TRIO, she is a recognized innovator in the builder & developer community and her influence in the design world extends beyond her stylish spaces and trend-setting products into helping women-owned businesses flourish.

Michael Habachy

Michael Habachy is using his decades of experience crafting luxurious interiors and custom furnishings to make his mark in the world of design. As principal of Habachy Designs, based in Atlanta, he continues to grow his brand beyond furnishings to include tile and textile collections, gaining a global following.

Vanessa DeLeon

Vanessa DeLeon is a celebrated interior designer and television personality based in both New York and New Jersey. She has appeared on both the Food Network and HGTV for her design knowledge and expertise, as well as create amazing spaces with her company, Vanessa DeLeon Associates.