Creating a stand-out space can easily be done by selecting the perfect lineup of tiles. Today we aim to cover exactly which colorful tiles can instantly transform a space and create a captivating and standout design. With a multitude of tile colors available we visit some of our favorite below.

Patterned Tile (Multi-Colored Tile)

Angela Harris Dunmore Sonata Mural 8x8 Ceramic Tile shown in bathroom as a shower and wall tile
Design By: Carla Maria Design | Featured Tile: Angela Harris Dunmore Sonata Mural Tile

Multi-colored tiles with patterned bodies without a doubt are the easiest way to create a statement in your space. 

Extremely versatile, they can work in a myriad of spaces. 

Place patterned, colored tiles on a mudroom floor to enliven the space and make it inviting for guests. Colorful tile floor can be extremely bold and eye-catching and become a real talking point.

Add multi-colored tile as an accent wall in a foyer as a more lasting option to wallpaper.

You can also dress up any kitchen backsplash with a patterned body tile and without question, have a unique design.

Blue Tile 

Bellami Triangulo Azul Zucchero 5x4 Glossy Ceramic Tile on kitchen wall above counter tops and as backsplash behind stove
Design By: London Pierce Interiors | Featured Tile: Bellami Triangulo Azul 5×5 Glazed Ceramic Tile

An underrated color, blue, can instantly create a focal point in design.

You can use blue tile in a variety of ways to create either a subtle or more impactful statement, depending on the color, shape and size of tile.

In the bathroom, as an accent wall, you can use a hexagon blue hexagon tile to create a sense of serenity and movement. 

In the shower, try using blue as an accent piece to accessorize the overall design. You can use a white subway tile on the walls of the shower, and have a niche with a statement blue tile.

In the kitchen, you can create a splash guard behind the stove with a bold blue mosaic (like this one) and have the rest of the backsplash be a light blue subway tile.

Pink Tile 

Portmore Pink 3x8 Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile shown in a study setting or home office on the wall
Featured Tile: Portmore Pnk 3×8 Glazed Ceramic Tile

An instantly transformative choice, pink tile can give any space a sense of classy lightness. 

There are a few areas that pink tile works best. 

In small bathrooms a pink tile can add a sense of dimensionality and similarly to white, can make a space feel larger.

As a wet bar backsplash, a pink tile can create a modern edge and pairs extremely well with brass accents.

Green Tile 

The Seaport Chameleon 2x10 Polished Ceramic Tile is shown on the wall around the bathroom sink unit. The tiles are up to waist height with white paint covering the rest of the height of wall
Design By: | Featured Tile: Seaport Chameleon 2×10 Polished Ceramic Tile

Like blue, green is another often overlooked color. Yet, it lends an organic, earthy feeling to a space and can create a great statement piece. 

In the kitchen, using green tile can instantly make a color pop, especially if paired with white cabinetry or used as a colorful tile backsplash.

In the bathroom, a pale green tile (like this one) can create a soothing, spa like atmosphere.

There you have it: Several options of colored tiles to enhance your design and create a statement for years to come. Take a look at our fantastic selection of colorful tiles.