In this how to article we teach you how to install porcelain pavers – dry installation on grass.

Please note that this method is rated for pedestrian foot traffic, so please review your paver installation instructions and consult a professional if you need an installation that can withstand heavier traffic like cars.


  1. Obstructions

    Cut grass in the desired area to be as short as possible and remove any other items or landscaping.

  2. Placement

    Place your pavers in the desired locations with some space between the pavers to allow grass to grow, but also allow steps between pavers to be comfortable.

  3. Find Perimeter

    Once placed, use a flat shovel, hoe, sod lifter, or another tool to dig around the perimeter of each paver.

  4. Remove Topsoil

    Remove the paver and then proceed to remove a 2” layer from the topsoil, making the soil bed as flat and smooth as possible.

  5. Fill

    Fill in area with crushed stone paver base or small gravel and level.

  6. Ensure Placement

    Place the paver on top of the crushed stone and tap with a rubber mallet to set the paver and ensure that is it level.

  7. Good To Go!

    Your paver is now ready to go!

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